United States of America


United States of America

To learn more about what NASA is doing to get students inspired about human spaceflight, check out www.nasa.gov/education.

If you are interested in joining Mission X USA or joining Team USA, please contact the Country Lead.

USA News

  • Rock Prairie Astronauts in Training

    Mission X crew members are excited about the launch of the International Fitness Challenge next week. Our first challenge will be the Agility Astro-Course. Go USA!

  • Mission X

    College Hills' Astronauts are in the final countdown before the Mission X "blast off"!

  • Rock Prairie Coming On Line

    We are getting our Mission X crew members ready for the lift off. If all goes well launch date is January 18th at 08:00.

  • Mission X Team sends the Fit Kids out from Paris

    Mission X Working Group ready to get the challenge started at the Centre National D'etudes Spatiales in Paris. We are also sending Flat Fit Kids Charlie, Ken, Gabi, Maya, and Simon off on their world journey to get students excited about training like an astronaut!

  • NASA meets Team Colombia

    HRPEO team in Colombia

    The NASA Mission X team came to Comision Colombiana del Espacio to help train more than 45 teachers who will lead Team Colombia. These teachers and community leaders are excited for the future of the challenge in Colombia and their students are already excited about training like astronauts!