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  • Hard times build determination and strength!

    Aerobic exercise can be contrasted with anaerobic exercise. The two types of exercise differ by the duration and the intensity of training and oxygen levels. Astronauts practice aerobic activities like swimming, walking and running regularly. Medicine balls can be used for anaerobic training to strengthen the muscles.

    Athletes orientate on their pulse rate, when training specifically. Also our little astronauts checked out their pulse.

    They used correct lifting techniques, when brought back material to the base station.

    In classroom they used a gravity calculator and found out, that in space jumping on small bodies is dangerous.

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  • Mick Jagger interprets the planets-song!

    The MskSpaceTravellers had the honor to witness the brilliant performance of the Mick Jagger Double. There was given the planet-song that is about the planets of our solar system.

  • The Pathfinders - Peak Lift off

    Zahlreiche Sprünge und Liegestütz mit sprachlicher Variation waren eine tolle Herausforderung für unsere Crew, an die sie noch lange zurück denken werden ;)

  • ICETRONAUTEN-BEARS-3500- Weltraumkraft und Schwerkraft

    Wir trainierten ziemlich hart um Weltraumkraft in unsere Körper zu bringen. Die Commander Crunches und Pilot-Planks stärkten unsere Kernmuskulatur. Da tat das Training mit Bändern danach richtig gut. Wir konnten die Schwerkraft überwinden. Es war cool!

  • Do not always say what you know, but always know what you say!

    For many pupils class presentations are an annoyance because only a few of them find it easy to speak in front of a group. But by this training you will learn a valuable life skill.

    While speakers can prove their courage and strengthen self -confidence, the audience practices active and appreciative listening. Knowledge and experience are exchanged in a lively discussion.

    Our MskSpaceTravellers choose their topic by themselves. It was Sun, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, ISS, Rockets and Apollo-1-Mission.

    The great performances of the children reflect the motivating force of this project!

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