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United Kingdom

To learn more about what UK Space Agency is doing with Mission X in the UK, check out http://www.esero.org.uk/missionx

To learn more about what ESA is doing to get students inspired about space, check out

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  • Cooking like an Astronaut

    Today we watched European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, make her tea on the International Space Station - mushy peas, rice and chicken in a wrap. The children remembered why she used a wrap and that the mushy peas was the glue holding the rest of the food on the wrap. They knew why their wrap wasn't floating around the classroom - we love gravity!

  • Mission X Astronaut Passport

    As part of our Mission X project, children design a logo for their Astronaut Passport.
    We felt that this design captured a great deal of knowledge by a 4 year old.
    Jack explained his drawing ..... "Earth, an Alien, an Asteroid, the Sun, Planet Mercury, Planet Saturn, Neptune and Pluto

  • Practising their crab walks

    Children have been practising their crab walk - each week improving the time in crab position and distance travelled.

  • Belfairs: Astronomy Day activities & Challenges

    Mission X science activities, Space, Astronauts, Belfairs

    The Belfairs Saturday Mission X team made space murals today for Astronomy Day. We also completed the What's your space height challenge and designed our space patches for the Mission X UK competition.

    Mission X trainees doing challenges for astronaut training at Belfairs Woodland Checking our blog for Mission X challenges
  • Belfairs team 2: Holiday Challenges

    Mission X trainees doing experiments at Belfairs Woodland Centre holiday activit

    Our Belfairs Holiday team made their Mission X Space patches and then conducted space height tests and maths - as April is Maths Month. We watched the space height video and then measured ourselves and calculated our expected space height.We also played a race to the Moon game using Maths to make our way.

    Mission X trainees doing challenges for astronaut training at Belfairs Woodland Mission X trainees in action doing astronaut challenges