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United Kingdom

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  • Jessie Younghusband Space Walk!

    In our PE session this afternoon, our pupils did a spacewalk! Well, within the confines of the school hall.
    Having marked out a 12 metre track, the children had a go at doing bear walks up and down the hall, resting in between. Then they turned on to their backs and did the crab walk. Some of them were even able to fully arch their backs (stomach up) and slowly walk the length of the hall, developing their balance and co-ordination.
    Having completed these tasks, the children then recorded in their Mission Journals how they were feeling.

  • Jessie Younghusband Crew Strength Training

    Inspired by others trying this, our Years 5s kept warm today by doing their "Crew Strength Training". 28 pupils did their body weight squats and push-ups in the school hall. About 8 of the children wanted to push themselves further, so they got a bench and did their push-ups with their feet raised!
    To end the session, they processed around the hall doing deep lunges, before returning to the classroom to record how they felt in their mission logs!

  • Learning to work with tools whilst wearing thick gloves like astronauts

    We have been watching videos of astronauts in training and set the classes a challenge to hammer nails into a piece of wood, wrap elastic bands around the nails whilst wearing thick and large gloves. They found the task really tricky but persevered to complete the challenge. Children from Moon and Sun classes are loving their training!

  • Agility Training

    Children from Moon and Sun classes are learning about their body and the importance of bone strength and muscle tone. They are working to improve their coordination and speed. They work to improve their speed and accuracy of foot work. They record their times and talk about how they feel after each run.

  • Problem Solved - We can walk around the world!

    Having painted the world on our playground, the BIG QUESTION was - "How can we walk around the world, if the world is mostly water?"
    Problem solved.
    "We can make floating stepping stones."
    "We can build a bridge, it has to be a very long bridge, and thin, to go from this Island to this one."
    "I've made a machine, because inside the Earth is rock, it's going to break it and we can walk in the tunnel."
    These are some of the comments made by our 4 and 5 year olds, who used many resources to help solve the problem.