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  • A selection of photographs

    jump for the moon

    Here a selection of photos from our different mission, we are doing well so far . Our teacher has noticed an improvement in our fitness levels already at the half way mark. We are certainly enjoying the training also.

    mission control mission control agility
  • Eastlea Community School take Mission X to the next level


    Hi Mission X trainee astronauts!
    Hannah, from the UK Space Agency, reporting again, this time from Eastlea Community School in the London 2012 Olympic borough of Newham.
    Eastlea held a fantastic Mission X Launch Day on 7th February with aspiring astronauts attending from four schools in the borough. The whole school was going mad for Mission X with budding scientists completing the Living Bones, Strong Bones and Reduced Gravity, Low Fat experiments, avid designers creating Mission X badges in D&T and moonwalking being taken to the next level in the PE department.
    Jake and Lee (Year 11 students otherwise known as Switch Duo, a body popping dance group taking part in the Britain's Got Talent 2012) developed moonwalk-inspired dance routines with the younger Mission X students as part of a fitness acceleration. Watch this space for future space-inspired dance routines!

    Eastlea_Reduced_Fat_Low_Fat Eastlea_badge_design Eastlea_badge_product
  • Wootton Bassett School and Local Primary Schools cook and eat healthy Space recipes!

    Wootton Bassett School Mission X cooking session 1

    Wootton Bassett School and local Primary pupils learned about healthy diets and cooked a balanced meal. We looked at the different nutritional requirements for astronauts in Space and the different ways that food has to be packaged to be eaten in microgravity. We used recipes from ‘The Astronauts Cookbook’ to cook real meals that NASA have used in their space programme. The Space Meatballs were very easy to make and tasted lovely, and the Blueberry Cobbler was a fabulous dessert. Pupils took samples home to show their families.

    Wootton Bassett School Mission X cooking session 1 Wootton Bassett School Mission X cooking session 1 Wootton Bassett School Mission X cooking session 1
  • Wootton Bassett School explores a planet using robots

    Robot exploring the planet

    Our Mission X sessions have been really cool and everything has gone well. Today we're making model robots.
    The building of the robots is going well - the two Joshes are allready putting in the electrics, Elsa is making good progress on the programing software, and Matt and Lewie are busy on the visual and audio software.
    Elsa is working really hard on programing our robot to go around the track/planet. The robot has 4 graphics that it can show; forwards, left, right and reaching the beacon.
    There are 25 steps for building the robot and the two Joshes did it all in under 10 minutes!
    Matt and Lewie are busy on the audio software and are doing excellently! This is so awesome!!!!!!!
    Team1's robot has had it's first test. All went well apart from nearly falling of the table! We're fixing that now though.

    Watching the mission briefing Josh and Josh with their Robot! Our MissionX team!
  • Malvern St James pupils take one giant leap for Mission X with a visit from Bridget, the Mars Rover prototype


    Hi Mission X trainee astronauts!
    Hannah from the UK Space Agency reporting here on my recent visit to Malvern St James School to see their work so far on Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut.
    Year 5 pupils showed that they are well under way with their challenge when they presented their findings for The Speed of Light and Living Bones, Strong Bones experiments, along with a presentation on the planet Mars for their special guest, Bridget, the Mars Rover. "I really enjoyed the bone experiment," said Eloise, a Year 5 pupil, "I've learnt why you need big, strong bones to go up in space".

    Bridget_Tug_Of_War MSJ_Speed_of_Light Evie_Mars_Jump