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United Kingdom

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  • Dehydration Station

    Today we tested fake urine samples to find out how hydrated the astronauts were. We used test tubes to gather the samples and then we measured them against a urine chart. This showed us where on the hydration scale they were. We concluded that the darker the urine the more dehydrated you are and the lighter it is the more water you have in your system.

  • Henham and Ugley get a taste of space

    Young astronauts from Henham and Ugley have been getting a taste of space in their lessons with Heather MacRae, their ESERO Ambassador. Blind taste tests of apple sauce and jelly beans helped students understand how taste changes in space.

  • Bishops Nympton Space Exploration Club

    In this activity, our children investigated the variables that affect their own sense of taste. We discussed how for astronauts, all their food and drink needs to be carried to the International Space Station (ISS) and how eating is an important part of crew morale and the one communal time when they share both a meal and
    talk with each other. The children enjoyed learning that gravity acts on the fluid in our bodies and pulls it into our legs.

  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Lift Off

    Today we went outside and did Mission Peak Lift off. We had to do the burpees using the 5 steps. We had to do a before and after statement as well as our prediction. Some of us got totally different answers. We had to do a press-up mid burpee and that was tricky. We were out of breath and our brains were confused trying to talk and do actions in the right order. We did it twice over and the 2nd time was harder as we were already tired from the first time.

  • Mission X Rules

    in action

    Today we took part in Planet You Go, Gravity You Find. We predicted that our arms and legs would tire and that the weight of the ball would be the cause of our arms tiring and the power of the squat would be pain in our legs. We completed the task in relay format and used different weighted objects. The technique was trickier than we thought as we kept letting the ball slips below shoulder height as we jumped. We still enjoyed it though and can feel our fitness improving.