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United Kingdom

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  • Week 2-Evnigton Astronauts

    Fridays will never be the same again! Everyone looks forward to our Friday 'Mission X' challenge!

    This week, we learnt about coordination, balance and agility. We took our learning outside and practised our balance and tennis ball activities.
    The astronauts in training showed off their excellent balance as we threw balls against the playground wall, trying to catch the ball without losing balance...

    A few tennis balls later, (and a few practises later), we were much improved! We experimented with our body weight shifting either slightly backward or forwards and varying the position of our foot off the floor.

    After that, we carried out the group work activity, throwing the ball to everyone in our group and seeing who could score the highest number of consecutive catches without dropping the ball, or our 'balance' foot touching the ground! Our scores ranged from 12 to 88!

    Good work Evington Astronauts-on to the next mission...

  • St Chads Space Warriors had a whole school super learning day to launch our Mission X project

    On Monday the 16th January, St Chads RC Primary School , from Cheetham Hill in Manchester had an out of this world experience when they came off timetable to have a whole school Mission X day.
    To make it extra special the whole day was led by pupils in year 5 and 6 teaching the rest of the school about how to train like an astronaut.
    We even dressed up as our favourite space alien.
    We completed 8 missions including Peake Lift Off, Mission Control, Jump for the Moon, Speed of light,Crew Assembly, Build an Astronaut Core,Agility Astro course and finally Strong Bones.
    In addition to the above missions, pupils also completed space maths problems, did singing and dancing, made rockets and UFO's ,learnt about Neil Armstrong, made their own fact files about the solar system and finally some space art.
    In the afternoon we also has an amazing, unforgettable experience when we had the oppourtunity to Skype with Scott and Nubia at NASA .

  • Faster than the speed of light

    The BNA participated in their second astronaut training activity, which was the speed of light, testing their reflex and reaction speeds. Children tested their reaction times by dropping a ruler for their partner to grip and then recording these measurements into a table. The children discussed their results and identified that generally their reaction times improved and reasons for this. They enjoyed the activity and took spare recording sheets home to test their relatives.

    "To be an astronough you have to have quick reflexes to be able to deal with problems when they arise," stated Morgan Curtler.

    "Cole got better as he got used to the reaction test and knew what to expect," explained Lily G.

  • Space Walk Back

    We all completed laps of our playground for task 1. Four of our team completed 1 miles continuously and went on to the accelerated fitness challenge. We had the goal of 12 laps and most people got 10 or more. We recorded our results in our Mission journals.

    We would like to know how other people are getting on.
    Team KP6

  • Potton Pilots!

    Hi All!!
    Potton Lower School, Bedfordshire, reporting for duty. We began our mission by completing the Astro Agility Course. The team of Year 4 students created the course and enjoyed participating, trying to beat their own score each time (and each others!) The children noted the effects on their body that the exercise was happening and thought about why astronauts need to be so fit and healthy!

    We are running an astronaut training club each Monday which is lead by one of the year 4 students herself.

    Commander Sefton and the Potton Pilots