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United Kingdom

To learn more about what UK Space Agency is doing with Mission X in the UK, check out http://www.esero.org.uk/missionx

To learn more about what ESA is doing to get students inspired about space, check out

UK News

  • Potton Pilots!

    Hi All!!
    Potton Lower School, Bedfordshire, reporting for duty. We began our mission by completing the Astro Agility Course. The team of Year 4 students created the course and enjoyed participating, trying to beat their own score each time (and each others!) The children noted the effects on their body that the exercise was happening and thought about why astronauts need to be so fit and healthy!

    We are running an astronaut training club each Monday which is lead by one of the year 4 students herself.

    Commander Sefton and the Potton Pilots

  • Speed Of Light-Evington Astronauts

    We had a great time during this activity. It was fascinating to see how our reaction times varied, regardless of gender, age and size! We noted that practise improved our scores and we had fun calculating our mean averages. Great Teamwork Evington Astronauts! Mission X has begun!

  • Lift off!

    The BNA (Bishops Nympton Astronauts) blasted off into mission X this week as we completed our crew strength training challenge. Our space enthusiasts soon became focussed on the task ahead as they squatted and press upped their way through their astronaut training. All participants gave 100 % effort with the exercises and are now fully aware of why we need to develop our upper and lower body strength if we want to stay fit and healthy and further our chance of becoming an astronaut.

    Well done team!


    sit and reach flexibility test

    In preparation of Mission X we had a fitness test today. We tested our:
    * strength
    * flexibility
    * speed
    * stamina
    We have recorded our results in our mission journals. This will help us compare our fitness levels afterwards

    grip strength speed jump
  • And we're off!

    Beyond Infinity here reporting for Mission X. We have just joined and we are very excited about taking part with you all. The Beyond Infinity astronaut team are not the healthiest bunch on planet Earth. Before we start any mission, we have decided to record our diet and exercise over the next week. Hopefully, at the end of the missions, Beyond Infinity will have seen a significant improvement in their eating and exercise habits!

    Beyond Infinity signing out for now.