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Nederland News

  • Mission Complete; Bloemcampschool groep 7A signing off.

    We hebben genoten van deze editie van MissieX. Hierbij een laatste samenvattend verslag van onze verrichtingen.

    See you in space!

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  • Team Galaxy:Mission Accomplished!

    Team Galaxy have thoroughly enjoyed training like an astronaut and learning more about Space and the world around them. They have trained their bodies hard, learning new ball skills, climbing their martian mountains, testing their reaction times and studying how an astronaut prepares their body for a mission. They have investigated how foods taste different, grown bacteria on food and how hydrating their bodies is important to remain healthy. A great time was had by all. We look forward to our next Mission in 2017!

  • Team Galaxy:26.2

    Team Galaxy decided to support Tim Peake's marathon effort by completing their own joint marathon as a class. They ran 3 circuits of a course around the lake in a local park.

  • Team Galaxy:Astro Agility Course

    Team Galaxy zig-zagged through the cones as fast as they could to show their speed, control and agility.

  • Team Galaxy:Train Like Tim

    Team Galaxy have challenged themselves to become fitter and train like Tim Peake. They enjoyed performing the burpees exercises and have challenged themselves to see how many they can collectively do over their two week holiday.