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Brazil News

  • Space Roll'n Roll

    The somersaults are very fun. playing and learning
    As cambalhotas são muito divertidas. Brincando e aprendendo.

  • Base Station Walkback

    Understand about the activities of astronauts in space back to their base.
    Entender sobre as atividades dos astronautas no espaço de volta a sua base.

  • Running with Tim

    Running is a great physical activity to increase heart rate and strengthen the muscles of lower body members.
    Race with Tim Peak
    correr é uma ótima atividade física para aumentar a frequência cardiaca e fortalecer os musculos dos menbros inferiores do corpo.
    Corrida com Tim Peak

  • Touchdown Charlie

    Football brings several health benefits, strengthens bones, muscles, and respiratory and cardiac systems
    O futebol traz diversos benefícios para a saúde, fortalece ossos, muscúlos, e sistema respiratório e cardiáco.

  • Energy of an Astronaut

    Astronauts need to have a good and balanced diet before going into space, during missions and then to stay healthy and stay fit for intense activities in space, and also to have a good recovery after the flight. We all need to take care of our food to stay healthy. In this activity students researched the calories in each food and how many calories we spent during each activity. And they also investigated a great curiosity: WHAT DO ASTRONAUTS EAT? We also studied the food pyramid