Estados Unidos da América

Estados Unidos da América

Estados Unidos da América

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  • Visit from NASA

    Dennis Stocker

    This week we had a visit from Mr. Dennis Stocker, lead scientist from the NASA John Glenn Research Center. He discussed with students careers in NASA, his own experiments with combustion, and how those experiments are conducted aboard the ISS and why. 7th graders were treated to hands-on gravity demos and astronaut equipment. What a treat!

    astronaut suit Dennis Stocker
  • Living Bones - NWMS Battle Creek MI

    Living Bones

    Northwestern Middle School 7th graders learned why bone health is essential for working on board the ISS. We learned the difference between cortical and trabecular bone, resorption and ossification, and with the help of Mr. Pun our skeletal model, we looked at all the bones of the body. They named the two essential ingredients for building stronger bones: nutrition and exercise, reinforced by the Stemonstration: Exercise video. As a group we built two models and stacked books on them to see which could withstand the most weight. As predicted, the model with thicker sides and compacted inside held up the most books. Journal entries and discussions explored why.

  • Crew Assembly - NWMS Battle Creek MI

    Crew Assembly

    After watching videos about spacesuits and astronaut training underwater, Northwestern Middle School 7th graders divided into teams. Each team sent two crew members to another station where they had to put on two sets of gloves and complete one part of a puzzle. Once the pair completed their end of the mission, another crew from the team came up and did the same until the entire puzzle was complete. The team who finished the whole puzzle first was declared the winner. The students had to overcome the challenge of wearing layered gloves, but also communicate effectively, in order to be successful. They all agreed the mission looked easy at first but struggled once they got going. We then reflected on best practices, challenges, and team work goals in their journal entries. This was a fun and competitive activity the students really enjoyed!

    Crew Assembly Crew Assembly
  • End Effectors in Battle Creek MI!

    NWMS end effector

    7th graders at Northwestern Middle School learned about the importance of robotics aboard the ISS. Many students tried their hand at picking up a ping pong ball and eraser with chopsticks and all agreed a more sound mechanical hand was needed to grapple objects in space. Mission question: Can we design a robotic hand to grab objects that won't slip out of grasp? We watched the Mission X video explaining the end effector and proceeded to make our own with Styrofoam cups and string. Students reported in their journals what strategies they used and whether they needed to redesign their efforts.

  • Speed of Light - NWMS Battle Creek MI

    NWMS Speed of Light

    After watching a video about living aboard the ISS, Northwestern Middle School 7th graders learned why reaction time and hand-eye coordination is vital to astronaut training. We paired up and took our reaction time measurements with rulers, did 20 jumping jacks and measured again. Would increased heart rates improve our scores? With fluctuating data, we discussed and wrote in journals what factors and stimuli affect our own coordination and how to improve.

    NWMS Speed of Light NWMS Speed of Light