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Reino Unido

Reino Unido

Para saber mais sobre o que a Agência Espacial do Reino Unido está a fazer para inspirar os alunos com os vôos espaciais tripulados, visite

Para saber mais sobre o que a ESA está a fazer para inspirar os alunos com os vôos espaciais tripulados, visite

UK News

  • Mission X From Antarctica to Mars

    Antarctica to Mars MX 2017 Hockerill

    Our Year 7 & 9 students and teachers embarked upon a great journey from the vast wilderness of the Antarctic to the barren surface of the Red Planet, Mars.
    They were led on this adventure by the eminent Antarctic Scientist John Dudeney OBE, who, virtually dusting the snow from his boots, having returned from a month in Antarctica only last week, recounted his 50 years of experiences associated with his missions to the ice cap.Dr Dudeney gave a personal perspective, based on 50 years of experience, on the parallels between the isolation and consequent challenges of living in Antarctica with those that will be faced by astronauts on long duration space missions, and reviewed some recent studies on the effects of isolation on human performance.

    Building Mars Landers with Jerry Stone Dr Helen Mason talks about radiation, the Sun and spectra Dr Vincent Giampietro  Neuroscience and Space travel
  • St Mary's Red Supergiants get fit

    We got into our teams and raced around an agility course. We were trying to improve our speed and accuracy in completing the course. We had three goes each and tried to encourage each other by cheering our teams on. We found that we really had to concentrate to make sure we didn't miss an obstacle and get a time penalty. Turning quickly without losing speed was the most challenging thing! Most of us found our times improved.

  • Dehydration Station

    Today we tested fake urine samples to find out how hydrated the astronauts were. We used test tubes to gather the samples and then we measured them against a urine chart. This showed us where on the hydration scale they were. We concluded that the darker the urine the more dehydrated you are and the lighter it is the more water you have in your system.

  • Henham and Ugley get a taste of space

    Young astronauts from Henham and Ugley have been getting a taste of space in their lessons with Heather MacRae, their ESERO Ambassador. Blind taste tests of apple sauce and jelly beans helped students understand how taste changes in space.

  • Bishops Nympton Space Exploration Club

    In this activity, our children investigated the variables that affect their own sense of taste. We discussed how for astronauts, all their food and drink needs to be carried to the International Space Station (ISS) and how eating is an important part of crew morale and the one communal time when they share both a meal and
    talk with each other. The children enjoyed learning that gravity acts on the fluid in our bodies and pulls it into our legs.