Mission X Pristine Private School, Dubai

Mission: Control

Mission X, a challenge that puts both the mental and physical strength to the true test, is an international educational challenge that invites students from around the world to participate in health and fitness activities, whilst learning their advantages. This challenge is especially useful in grasping the concept and manner in which astronauts train, as well as learn to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to benefit them for life, as Ambassador Samantha Cristoferetti (ESA Astronaut) had said, "Your body is your spaceship for life".
Last academic year 2016-2017, Pristine Private School had decided to accept this challenge and was classified as an observing member. This year, our school is amongst the many nations competing and participating in this world-wide event, having already proved that their students possessed the capabilities related to physical activity and liveliness when it comes to sports, health, and nutrition.
At the beginning of the academic year 2017-18, students were once again introduced to the challenge of Mission X: Train like an Astronaut during one of the school’s morning assemblies. And to prove that it certainly was a test of physical ability! Students had been told to perform the squat exercise in order to collectively and enthusiastically start off the year and prepare themselves for the Mission X challenge. In addition, having Pristine Private School finally become a partaker, this automatically marks UAE as a participating country. In fact, PPS is the only school in the country to play a part in the Mission X challenge, hence is the sole individual school or student body representing the UAE in terms of physical challenges.
Until now, the entire student body is keen on keeping up with the range of fun and fitness activities, aside from their P.E. lessons, heading their way, having completed quite a few such as the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout (Year 10-12), the Interclass Football and Basketball Tournament for boys (Year 9-13), the interclass volleyball tournament for girls (Year 9-13), Stretch and Grow activities (primary section) and others.
Pristine Private School looks forward to its continued journey of health and fitness as a participating member of Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut.
By Nina Marie Rosales Zuniga and Zachariah Dhanesh Leon

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Cross Fit
Throw and Catch
Team Play
Soccer Time
Stretch and Grow