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Pentru a afla mai multe despre ce face dell'Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI) pentru a-i inspira pe elevi în direcția zborului spațial cu echipaj uman, vizitați și

Pentru a afla mai multe despre ce face ESA pentru a-i inspira pe elevi în direcția zborului spațial cu echipaj uman, vizitați

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  • Cycling to the moon!

    Paula on her Space Bike!

    Here's Powerful Paula on her Space Bicycle pedalling around Trento!

    Did you know that Trento is a space city? Yeah, that's right! We are closer to space than we are to the sea!
    Do you live in a space city too??

    Ciao from the Italian Space Cadets!

  • From the Dolomites to the Moon on!

    Laraib on her space cycle!

    Look at those astronauts in training go!

    Laraib and Giorgio made the Italian Space Cadets proud by jumping on their bikes and riding here, there and everywhere!
    Cycling is a great way to keep fit and enjoy being outdoors and close to nature!
    Astronauts cycle in space too to improve the fitness and muscle tone.

    Hey everybody! Get on your space cycles!

    Look at Giorgio go! Giorgio on his space cycle!
  • All aboard! The Water Train is leaving... Hydration Station!

    Hydrate the astronaut game

    We learned that water is the largest single component of the human body, and amazingly, our bodies are composed of 50–70% water. We understand now that drinking plenty of fluids keeps our bodies hydrated and healthy. Water helps to keep our body in top condition by giving nutrients to our cells, muscles, joints, brain, skin, kidneys, and lungs. Water also regulates our body temperature and helps our hearts function properly.

    Just as on Earth, astronauts in space must also maintain proper hydration levels. As they complete tasks on their exploration missions, whether inside or outside the spacecraft, they also need to drink plenty of fluids in order to remain hydrated and maintain their optimal health.

    Making simulated urine samples Tommaso, Giorgio, Nicolo', Elisa and Federico and their simulated urine samples Scientists Carlo, Vittorio, Alice and Paula and their simulated urine samples
  • Bones. Make those skeletons shake!

    Scientists at work observing bones!

    We learned that people need strong bones so we can complete all the physical challenges placed on our bodies while on Earth and in space. Now we have been training like astronauts for a while, we know that the longer astronauts are in space, the weaker their bones become due to a lack of gravitational force. It is important for astronauts (and us earthlings) train before, during, and after their flight in space to maintain strong bones all their lives. A diet including calcium and Vitamin D also helps astronauts maintain strong bones.

    After discussing what we already know and what we want to know, we watched some videos about bones and took notes. The we made some observations of chicken bones externally and internally. We drew diagrams and then... we created our very own bone models!

    Scientists at work observing bones! Engineers making bones! Hard at work making a bone model
  • From the Dolomite Mountains to a Martian Mountain!

    Martian Climbers!

    Hi! We are the Italian Space Cadets from Trento, Italy. We are surrounded by the beautiful Dolomite Mountains so when we heard about the challenge of climbing a Martian Mountain we were totally ready to climb to the top!

    In this activity we climbed up the bars along the side of or gym fast, slowly, backwards and forwards. This improved our body coodination and muscle tone. We then hung from the top bars like space monkeys and then jumped off! Hanging from the top strengthened our upper body muscles.

    We really liked this activity!

    Ciao from Trento.

    The Italian Space Cadets

    Bloggers: Nicco, Leonardo and Samuele

    Martian Climbers! Space monkeys! Space Monkeys!