• How to calculate your weight/mass on different planets, satellite or ISS?

    How to calculate your weight/mass on different planets, satellite or ISS if you are an astronaut?
    We found the answer on the free document of "Mars Project, Next Generation" and we learned to calculate in newtons (the unit of calculation).
    We took the opportunity to also learn a little more about the three laws of Newton (the scientist).

    Don't forget to register on MX-Train like an astronaut :-) If you are Canadian teacher registered on the website and if your classroom have questions about Spatial sciences in general feel free to contact me for a Q/A (French or English).

    Victoria K.
    Canadian Country Lead/Canadian Coordinator for MX
    Team Lead for "Space Cadets" (Homeschooling ;-)
    Student in Cosmology and Extragalactic Astrophysics with Paris Observatory

  • The Importance of Team Work

    What happens when you have a mission to complete but your teammate gets hurt?
    The Fireflowers started off the season with a team building activity. They were assigned a mission, on the Moon. They were paired up in teams of two. The only problem: their partner was hurt half way through the mission. They had to help their partner get to base at the same time completing the mission of collecting lunar rocks and bringing the science instruments to base (they had to pick up a shoe box). This was a three legged race and they could use only one of their arms/hands to pick objects. Communication between the teammates was crucial.
    Great team work Fireflowers!!!

  • Divulgando a Missão x na Universidade Unemat

    Nos preparando para a missão x, divulgando o Projeto Missão X em algumas oficinas na cidade de Tangará da Serra e na Barra do Bugre.

  • Missão x - 2017 segunda fase. Preparando a tripulação.

    Iniciando as atividades da Missão X em Cuiabá - Mato Grosso.

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