Соединенные Штаты Америки

Соединенные Штаты Америки

Соединенные Штаты Америки

Более подробную информацию о деятельности НАСА, направленную на пробуждение интереса школьников к пилотируемым космическим полетам, можно найти на www.education.nasa.gov.

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  • Excited to the "Core" to train like an astronuat!

    Our students began our astronaut training. We are super excited to learn about space and the importance of being physically fit. The plank is no joke! lol
    We will get stronger day by day! Love this program.

  • Our Base Station Walkback/Crew StrengthTraining

    The Group of 30 individuals split into two groups, We had walkers which were timed and then the others did the Crew strength training as well. We were a buzz for the full 45 minutes. This included resistance bands and sitting exercise just for example.

  • Choose My Plate/Healthy Eating of the Astronaut

    The Food that we eat provides the body with energy. With the energy that the body uses each day is important for good nutrition.
    We learned about Healthy eating and the food groups the Astronauts and us as individuals must choose to eat.
    In our adapted version we learned the food groups that we must choose. Fruits,Vegetables, Proteins,Grains and Dairy.
    The Group had food [lates and looked through magazines and pasted onto plates. Then they were asked where on a handout that was labeled where each group was. Finally they were asked what are good foods or Junk.

  • Fun exercising

  • Doing a 'Sensory' Spacewalk

    After learning about the moon landing and reviewing what we know about gravity, the class decided to simulate their own moon walk using yoga mats "because the gravity makes the moon bouncy" E.Y. stated. We used large and small stepping stones to simulate moon rocks for us to hop over bubble wrap to add a different texture to the land. Plus bubble wrap is fun! The children challenged themselves to do the course as quickly as they could while doing various different walks such as bear walking, hopping, crawling, bouncing, and even on their tip toes. They also made sure to remind their friends to stay on the path so we don't get lost on the moon or fall into a moon crater.