Walk Around The Earth

How long will it take Astro Charlie and Astro Tim to walk around the Earth

Astro Charlie is getting ready for the Mission X 2016 Challenge by exercising, eating healthy and learning about the challenges of living in space. As Charlie prepares for his mission, children from around the world are joining together to help Astro Charlie get ready!  Every activity the children do will gain points to give Astro Charlie energy to Train Like an Astronaut and travel around the world. Once he is ready for launch in January, other children from around the globe will Train Like Astronauts for points to get Charlie all the way to the Moon! It really does take people from around the world to make a space mission successful!

Did you know? 

The average distance around the Earth is 40 000 kilometers (25 000 miles).

It would take the average human 66 MILLION steps to walk around the Earth. At a speed of about 5 kilometers per hour (3 miles per hour), it would take 8 333 hours which is 347 days. So, if you walked by yourself, and did not stop, it would take you almost 1 YEAR  to walk around the Earth.

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