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Greece News


    Mission successfully accomplished and we really enjoyed it!

  • Base Station Walk-Back

    Our students began their astronaut training. We are very excited to learn about space and the importance of being physically fit. The journey began with an endurance training. They run the distance of 1,600 m and they achieved their goal. All the students did I their best and they are looking forward to the next challenge.

  • Δόμηση του πυρήνα ενός αστροναύτη

    In this challenge we managed to co-ordinate our limb movements. By certain exercise we became more and more agile. We learned tha it is of high importance to train hard as to become an astronaut.

  • Magnetism for kids

    Did you know that earth behaves like a big magnet? Our lovely pupils were so excited finding out that magnets have two opposite poles that attract each other and vice versa. Also they learned that magnets attract metals like iron, nikel and cobalt. We watched a related video and we made an experiment in class with a telescopic magnet and some iron-sand from a greek island called Milos.

  • Strength body

    Last Monday the happynaut team performed squats and
    push-ups using only body weight to develop body strength in muscles and bones.
    After that they had rested for a few minutes
    and then they repeat the same exercise