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  • Arsakeio Primary School of Patras: Warm Earth Greetings from A-N.DR.O.M.E.D.A. team!

    Arsakeio Patras ANDROMEDA mission X team 2017

    Dear fellow astronauts! We have been trying our Space powers on astro-training missions for a while now, and it is high time for us 3rd graders of Arsakeio Primary School of Patras to come join you all in our beloved Mission-X blog space! Let us begin by congratulating each one of you for your exceptional teamwork and great astronaut adventures. We are really happy to be part of such a vivid, creative and inspired team of astro- crews!

    Arsakeio Patras ANDROMEDA mission X team 2017
  • Roll like an astronaut!

    The mission of our young astronauts was to perform a series of somersaults like real astronauts. The students seemed to enjoy this form of exercise and some of them proved to be really skillful!

  • Spaceship Team travelling in the speed of light

    The Spaceship Team of Leonteios Patision is testing its skills in hand-eye cooridination this time. The students did the ruler catching activity in pairs and decided who the winner is after a given number of tries. The hand-eye coordination and concentration is very important in space but also here on earth on so many activities, such as sport or later in jobs such as pilots or scientists. Therefore, the students concluded that they needed to train those skills themselves the same as astronauts.

  • Spaceship Team in balancing adventures!

    The Spaceship Team of Leonteios Patision Primary School trained like an astronaut by trying balancing and spatial awareness exercises at the schoolyard. We made a contest between students of the 5th and the 6th grade and recorded our findings. The students realized that it was rather difficult but they were getting better with practise.

  • Spaceship Team is talking about the Energy of an Astronaut

    Spaceship Team of Leonteios Patision Primary School investigated the Food Pyramid through videos and examined the Nutrition Facts labels in tortilla pies of different kinds and in bread or bread rusks. The students tasted each one and after careful consideration concluded that the best solution for an astronaut in the ISS is the wholegrain tortilla due to its nutritional value and to the fact that it doesn't make crumbs. We discussed about the energy needs of the astronauts and of the students as well and we watched a video of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield showing the world how to make the tasty sandwich in microgravity from the galley of the International Space Station. The students were thrilled!