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    Rodar y rodar en el espacio

    Es agradable poder compartir con ustedes cada logro obtenido a través de cada misión, donde el entusiasmo y la alegría por participar forman parte de nuestro diario vivir

    Realizando cada una de las misiones Recibiendo indicaciones de la siguiente misión Listos para empezar
  • Soyuz Launch Day!!!!!!!!


    March 28, 2013 Launch Day for Soyuz TMA-08M!

    We wish to send "Have a Wonderful Journey" and "Safe Trip" messages of goodwill to our New England
    astronaut Chris Cassidy and his crewmates Pavel and Alexander!

    Our school is decorated with beautiful posters and cards wishing the crew all the best for a trip worthy of Astro Charlie!!!!!!

    Go SoyuzTMA-08M!!!
    Go Mission X!!!!!!!

    poster 2 Russian wishwes
  • Accélération du rythme

    Accélération du rythme

    Lancer de balle.

    Accélération de rythme.
  • Accélération du rythme


    Saut à la corde.

  • Closing Ceremonies Webcast

    guests at web cast

    The Closing Ceremonies Webcast for Team USA Sharon was held at the Heights Elementary School Gymnasium on March 22. Among the guests included were a number of elected officials including Representative Louis Kafka and staff assistant Edward Philllips, Representative Elizabeth Poirier, staff members from the office of Senator James Timilty and assistants to and US Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy, 3rd who delivered the opening welcome speech to the audience of staff, students, school administration and members of the Sharon Education Foundation. We had a wonderful event!

    Here in these pictures you can view some of the guests, the "Volunteer Crew Assembly" station made up of our special guests, and some of the work behind the scenes in Houston!
    Let's do this again!!!!!!!!!!

    crew assembly Houston Mission X


  • Améliore ton agilité!

    Exercice de base

    Exercice de base et ses variantes!

    Variantes 1 Variantes 2
  • Train like an Astronaut - March 2013

    Mission X

    We had our closing event. Please find the attached mission x newsletter and selected photo's

    This was a great way to end the program for our school and community.

    Other than all the activities and information the students learned regarding space and the impact on our bodies, environment and learning, they were introduced to 3 new languages (basic phrases) and enjoyed sharing in this global program with schools from around the world.

    Well done to NASA and their partners for a truly great learning experience.

    mission x mission x mission x
  • Train like an Astronaut - February (3) 2013

    Mission X

    Mission X Parent Challenge
    Train like an astronaut will end for us on March the 8th. We issued a FITNESS CHALLENGE to all parents and while we are at it, all adults. As our students will be working hard to maintain their fitness, learn about proper nutrition and hydration, including basic anatomy and physiology the next 46 days, we wanted our adults to be involved! All it would take is sit ups (curl ups), push ups (feet or knees), squats and the FEBRUARY MILE A DAY (walk or run). Just a few minutes out of their day to increase their leg, core and upper body strength and endurance while setting a life changing example for their child. If they were keen to accept the challenge they would join the Mission X Parent Challenge. This was were a whole community was looking forward to cheering them on:)

  • Train like an Astronaut - February (2) 2013

    Students in K to 4 were also assessed on being "thinkers and problem solvers" as they had to construct their own model satellites. To really place the emphases on problem solving I did not review the model plans and construction in advance, so that the students and I would need to figure out where each section was to go. Once again our students stepped up to the challenge and seem energized to solve the puzzles with dialogue and sharing when they realized I was trying to get to grips with the construction too. Their eagerness to share their conclusions and solutions before the teacher made for a lively learning environment. I am pleased to announce that after much debate, approx. 200m of cello tape and an appreciation of the complexity of being a NASA engineer, each child completed their satellite. These will be hung in "mission control" (new PE media room) and will go home with them when the train like an astronaut challenge comes to a close in March.

  • Train like an astronaut introduction - January 2013

    We have just completed 2 days of training in PE class on how to set up our mission journals (electronic portfolio's) on the Ipods. Exciting stuff. I'm learning as much about the technology from my students, as I'm guiding them through the process. I gave the MS students 5 minutes to create a "tweet" (140 character) reflection of their learning the past 2 days.

    I'm very impressed, and pleased with the enthusiasm the students have shown as we incorporate technology in the PE class. I'm also looking forward to incorporating students blog reflections starting next week.

    One of our students tested the use of the Ipod in class to capture her physical activity. The Ipod (and app) documented her calorie expenditure, pace, distance, etc. We hope to have each of our students using their Ipods in the next 2 weeks to record their movement and mission X progress in class, combined with recording heart rate, as we enter Healthy Heart Month in February.

  • Northbury Junior School - Barking and Dagenham

    We have been running as fast as a cheetah and as fast as Usain Bolt. We have been learning about teamwork and including each other in our Mission X activities. We enjoyed learning about our hand-eye co-ordination and agility using crew assembly and astro agility. We have visited the Observatory and have been launching rockets as fast as sound.

    If you want your school to be the best, develop skills and get fitter join Mission X. We hope that more countries join - especially New Zealand as our teacher is from New Zealand.

  • Por fin podemos compartir con ustedes lo realizado

    Cada prueba nos lleva a mejorar la condición física y a entender por que es impo

    Tripulación Polaris y Juno han realizado sus misiones con energía y entusiasmo

    ahora realizando la aceleración con el balón medicinal Saltar a la luna que bien ahora salto alterno , aceleración de la prueba
  • Vamos a explorar el espacio

    CNH POLARIS preparado para explorar el espacio

    Estamos preparados para explorar y descubrir el espacio en esta nueva misión.

  • Pen-Pals with Eaglets USA


    Even if time for Mission X activities for us is finish, we restart with the Enterprise of friendship with our twinning Eaglets teams.
    Here you can watch us writing on our school computers ours messages for USA teams.
    We post this because we want encourage other teams of others nations in doing the same and enjoy in this "extra" but "special" activity of Mission X 2013 !!!
    Greetings to all teams all around the world!
    team Gemini13B from Chieri (Turin) - Italy

    Mail4Eaglets Mail4Eaglets Mail4Eaglets
  • Mission X Assembly at Elsenham

    A photo with Astro Charlie after our assembly

    On Friday 22nd March Elsenham C of E Primary School performed an assembly about Mission X. We tried to teach people the importance of keeping fit and healthy. We performed three raps one about healthy eating and one about keeping fit and one about feeling good. I really enjoyed the assembly.

    Harry, Elsenham

  • More webcast March 22


    The Team USA "Game-Show contestants" were chosen from all three schools making up Team USA Sharon. NASA had a surprise for our marimba band teacher, Mr. Tarantino. The video showing MX highlights for this year was done to last year's Grade 5 Heights marimba band playing their song appropriately named "Gravity".
    Kudos to "Mr T" and the Heights marimba band!

    Nice job Jeff, Andrea, Don, Laurie, Michael H. and Dr. Michael Barratt!!!!

    PS Laurie and Yamil "burned up" the astro- agility course, we could see the smoke all the way up here in New England!!!!!

  • Closing Ceremony, March 22


    Our live closing ceremony was a huge success for Team USA Sharon held at Heights Elementary School last Friday, March 22nd. We had many important guests here to visit, including the grand-nephew of President John F. Kennedy, Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy, 3rd! In addition to the Congressman, we had several state and local officials who took time from their busy schedules to join us for the afternoon. We are most grateful for all of these important people who showed their appreciation to Team USA and NASA. Thank you for all of your support and kind words!

    We had lots of fun, and astronaut Dr. Michael Barratt played a game-show host like the popular American television game "Jeopardy!" We had so much fun, and it was a very festive afternoon that was complete with our marimba band providing live music!

    Yamil and Laurie
  • AstroAgility - AstroAgilità


    This is real! These are us, running in the AstroAgility exercise!
    We did it, but...we were with no word when we watched today in our classroom Laurie Abadie , Yamil Garcia and....their times!!!
    So, next week, after the Easter holidays, we will retry this exercise for mark a better times!
    Eaglets of Sharon we saw your banner and your activity at quiz time and heared the music of your Marimba band! Well done! Greetings from Italy
    team Gemini13A

    AstroAgility_Gemini13A AstroAgility_Gemini13A AstroAgility_Gemini13A
  • SERNAUTAS 2013

    Equipo: SERNAUTAS
    Facatativa - Colombia
    I.E.M.Silveria Espinosa de Rendon

    El equipo logra culminar con gran motivación y espera que su trabajo se replique por cada uno de los rincones de nuestro país.
    A Charlie le deseamos lo mejor en su estadía en la luna y a todos los equipos que participaron esperamos que sean multiplicadores de buenos hábitos.


  • "SERNAUTAS" Gravedad reducida baja en grasa

    "SERNAUTAS" Gravedad reducida baja en grasa

    Equipo SERNATAS
    Facatativa - Colombia
    I.E.M. Silveria Espinosa de Rendon

    Luego de realizar esta misión creemos que algunos sitios se quedaran sin un poco de clientela; es mejor pensar despacio antes de elegir una comida rápida !!


    "SERNAUTAS" Gravedad reducida baja en grasa "SERNAUTAS" Gravedad reducida baja en grasa "SERNAUTAS" Gravedad reducida baja en grasa
  • Mission X Splashdown. 18.03.13. Springside Primary School

    And they're off

    Pupils at Springside Primary School, Bury, supported by staff from The Derby High School, Bury enjoy a fantastic climax to the Mission X project by spending a whole day at The Derby High School, Bury. Pupils participated in the astro agility course, they built their astronaut core, and they jumped for the moon before participating in mission control. If this wasn’t enough, pupils also looked at hydration and the importance placed on this by all astronauts.
    Following lunch pupils entered deep space, watching the DVD spectacular; Space Station. The finale of the day was their graduation ceremony, where pupils received certificates. At the end of the ceremony specially selected pupils received awards for communication, athletic ability, scientific aptitude and two winning astronaut trainees were given Mission X T-shirts. Well done to everyone who took part.
    Mr Kerr – Mission Commander

    Jump for it! Astronaut Hydration Game
  • Урок Космическая полоса

    ребята готовятся к старту

    Подростки в возрасте от 11 до 13 лет в количестве 25 человек выполняли увлекательные задания. В состязаниях каждый ребенок прикладывал все усилия для достижения поставленной цели. Дети с интересом и энтузиазмом занимались на уроке "Космическая полоса". Финальной частью урока стало торжественное вручение каждому ребенку "Космической звезды" и торжественное обещание всех присутствующих детей следить за своим здоровьем каждый день, выполняя физические упражнения.

    Приветствие и объяснение целей и задач урока

    Sovičkoví kosmonauti

    Objevuj a poznávej

    Sovičkoví kosmonauti Sovičkoví kosmonauti
  • Team Puzzle


    We worked first in pair for realize the AstroPuzzle, and then, who finished it, helping the others pairs to complete their Astropuzzle!
    But only who weared gloves moved the pieces of the AstroPuzzle, the others drove them with their voice for arrive all at the end of this experience!
    It was beautiful, and we liked it!
    Greetings to all teams!

    Abbiamo lavorato prima a coppie per realizzare l'AstroPuzzle, e poi, chi aveva finito, aiutando le altre coppie a completare il loro AstroPuzzle!
    Ma solo chi indossava i guanti muoveva i pezzi dell'AstroPuzzle, gli altri li guidavano con la loro voce per arrivare tutti alla fine di questa esperienza!
    E' stata bella e ci è proprio piaciuta!
    Saluti a tutti i teams!

    AstroPuzzle_Gemini13A AstroPuzzle_Gemini13A AstroPuzzle_Gemini13A
  • Mission X Splashdown. 18.03.13. Chesham Primary School

    And they're off

    Mission X Splashdown Monday 18.3.13 Chesham Primary School
    Pupils at Chesham Primary School, Bury, supported by staff from The Derby High School, Bury enjoy a fantastic climax to the Mission X project by spending a whole day at The Derby High School, Bury. Pupils participated in the astro agility course, they built their astronaut core, and they jumped for the moon before participating in mission control. If this wasn’t enough, pupils also looked at hydration and the importance placed on this by all astronauts.
    Following lunch pupils entered deep space, watching the DVD spectacular; Space Station. The finale of the day was their graduation ceremony, where pupils received certificates. At the end of the ceremony specially selected pupils received awards for communication, athletic ability, scientific aptitude and two winning astronaut trainees were given Mission X T-shirts. Well done to everyone who took part.
    Mr Kerr – Mission Commander

    Jump boys, jump! Is that what I think it is?
  • Webcast day for Team USA Sharon!

    Getting ready for webcast

    The kids have been making banners for all of our special visitors to see who are arriving at school for today's much anticipated webcast! Mission X has been a very successful challenge, and we are thrilled to share today's event with Sharon school leaders, teachers, school committee members and many local, state and US elected officials!
    We are honored to host Representative Kafka, Representative Poirier, Senator Joyce, their staff assistants, members representing the Sharon Education Foundation as well as Senator Timilty's assistant! Our very special honored guest will be US Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy 3rd, grandson of Robert F. Kennedy and the great-nephew of President John F. Kennedy. Team USA Sharon is proud to have so many fine representatives of the community and elected officials who have given their time to show their support for Mission X today!
    Go Mission X!

    Injured reserves
  • Best Wishes to New Englands' Chris Cassidy!


    Team USA Sharon would like to wish New England astronaut Chris Cassidy (and Alexander and Pavel, too!) a wonderful and safe journey to the ISS next week onboard the SoyuzTMA-08M spaceship!
    We have made a special banner for Chris, and we will cheer on the Boston Celtics, the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Bruins for him while he is away working!

    Have a great time and we will be watching you overhead in the skies!!!!!!!!

    Ad Astra,

    Team USA Sharon

  • Getting Ready for Closing Event Webcast


    Team USA Sharon is very busy getting ready for tomorrow's webcast!

    The banners seen in our gym wished a Happy Birthday to our friend Yamil Garcia, astronaut trainer and Mission X expert! Despite turning a year older, rumors have it that he is still "as quick as lightning" and a very Groovy Guy!

    Best Wishes and Happy Birthday from Team USA Sharon!!!!!



    En la luna no sabemos si llueve pero aquí en Córdoba, nuestros astronautas tuvieron que entrenar en la biblioteca con los libros pero nada nos detiene, ni la falta de gimnasio y la cosa funciono a tope. Nos costó bastante realizar las dos misiones las sentadillas nos dejaron fundidos y los fondos de brazos también fueron complicadillos pero como en las pelis salimos triunfantes ( con alguna agujeta que otra ) pero aprendimos mucho y descubrimos la importancia de la postura corporal en los ejercicios especialmente en estos dos



    Califas B inicio la misión más animal hasta la fecha realizada por un equipo de astronautas, nos tocó hacer el oso y comprobamos que nuestro tren superior necesita prepararse más. Intentamos mejorar haciendo el cangrejito y algún@s sudamos de lo lindo para superar la prueba. Seguiremos practicando, con animalitos más faciles

  • L'energia per un astronauta

    L'energia per un astronauta
  • Speed of light / Velocità della Luce


    This is a good activity for try our reflexes and our reaction time!
    But,.... with the trainer stand up over a chair and all together it's wonderful!
    And we hope to see some other pictures of this activity from other teams of other nations!!!
    Greetings to all teams of Mission X 2013!
    team Gemini13B

    Questa è una buona attività per provare i rifless e il nostro tempo di reazione!
    Ma, ...con l'allenatore in piedi sopra una sedia e tutti insieme è meraviglioso!
    E speriamo di vedere diverse altre immagini di questa attività dagli altri teams delle altre nazioni!!!
    Saluti a tutti i teams di Mission X 2013!
    team Gemini13B

    speed_Gemini13B speed_Gemini13B speed_Gemini13B
  • Srdce a krevní oběh

    Srdce a krevní oběh

    Měřili jsme srdeční tep každého průzkumníka na začátku a po ukončení své
    mise - fyzické aktivity.

    Srdce a krevní oběh
  • assemblaggio di gruppo

  • Mission X 2013 is ten einde!

    Het Netherlands Space Office wilt de winnaars van Mission X 2013, de Optinauten uit Leiden en de Learnstars uit Rotterdam, van harte feliciteren!
    Jullie hebben een gedeelde eerste plaats en het wel erg spannend gemaakt.

    Daarnaast feliciteren wij alle deelnemende scholen met hun behaalde resultaat!
    Wij hebben genoten van jullie berichten op de internationale website en willen jullie bedanken voor de goede vertegenwoordiging van Nederland op deze site.
    Wij hopen dat jullie samen met de kinderen veel plezier hebben beleefd en dat de kinderen nu iets meer weten over een gezonde levensstijl en de ruimtevaart.

    Hartelijk dank allemaal voor jullie deelname, blijf fit en hopelijk tot ziens met een nieuw team tijdens Mission X 2014!

  • Astro Charlie's Big Adventure at Henham

    We really enjoyed Mission X. We kept sleep diaries and checked our height. We liked visiting MMCC for our launch day. We have been finding out about healthy food and eating. We are pleased that Astro Charlie has made it to the moon. We are looking forward to our landing next week.

  • Thin Cardboard Bones - Ossa di Cartoncino


    For completing the activity "Strong Bones, Live Bones", we drawn our projects, and with thin cardboard we realized our Bones models!
    We realized some models with only thin cardboard, and other with gravel inside: we observed which this last models were stronger then others! (as you can see on our photos!!)
    Nice activities! With this, we understanded better the bones and we had fun!
    Gemini13A team - Chieri ( ITALY ) =)

    Per completare l'attività "Ossa Vive, Ossa Forti", abbiamo disegnato i nostri progetti, e con il cartoncino abbiamo realizzato i nostri modelli di Ossa!
    Abbiamo realizzato alcuni modelli di solo cartoncino, e altri con la ghiaia all'interno: abbiamo osservato che questi ultimi modelli sono più forti degli altri! (come potete vedere dalle nostre foto!!)
    Bella attività! Con questo, abbiamo compreso meglio le ossa e ci siamo divertiti!
    Team Gemini13a - Chieri ( ITALIA) =)

    Bones_Gemini13A Bones_Gemini13A Bones_Gemini13A
  • We need to drink lots of water!

    Mission X

    The children were fascinated by the fact that the most dilute yellow pot was the colour urine should be and they enjoyed putting the series of pots in order of concentration.
    Mission X has been a fantastic learning experience for staff and children and we would love to do it again next year.
    The children have absorbed themselves in pretending to be astronauts and have enjoyed learning what it takes to be one! They've taken this experience home with them too, parents report!
    Thank you Mission X and Iya for the wonderful learning experience :)

    Mission X mission x
  • Bone Model - Modello Osseo


    Meantime, in which snow covered our playgrounds, we designed and realized our bone models!
    Are they really strong?
    Watch and judge for yourself !!!
    We think our bones was built very well, and they had no problem to substained also AstroCharlie!
    ...Eaglets...how much snow have you send us from New England? =)
    look out of our windows (on the last picture!!!)
    Greetings to all teams of Mission X!

    Nello stesso tempo in cui la neve ha ricoperto i nostri cortili, abbiamo ideato e realizzato i nostri modelli di osso!
    Sono realmente forti?
    Osservate e giudicate voi stessi!
    Pensiamo che le nostre ossa siano state costruite molto bene, e non hanno alcun problema a sostenere anche AstroCharlie!
    ...Aquilotti...ma quanta neve ci avete mandato dal New England? =)
    Guardate fuori dalla finestra (nell'ultima immagine!!!)
    Saluti a tutti i teams di Mission X!

    BonesBuilding BonesBuilding BonesBuilding
  • ossa vive ossa forti


    L'esperienza è stata molto utile per far comprendere come la differente struttura interna e desterna dell'osso contribuisce alla sua resistenza. I ragazzi si sono divertiti molto ad immaginare e progettare i diversi modelli di ossa.

    Preparativi Test 1 Test 2
  • Astro Charlie Waving Flag for Mission X

    University of Cambridge mission X

    Astro Charlie has been meeting with students from Hockerill and Sheering Primary School at the University of Cambridge Institute Of Astronomy!

  • Astro Charlie Checks Out Moon and Jupiter

    Mission X at Cambridge University

    Astro Charlie visited Cambridge University tonight. The skies cleared enough for us to see Jupiter and four moons as well as Astro Charlie's closer destination of the earth's moon. Professor Carolin Crawford described our amazing place in the universe to a crowd of over 150!

  • Stazione idratazione

    RAgazzi all'opera Confronto

    Sovičkoví kosmonauti

    Kosmický cyklista

    Sovičkoví kosmonauti Sovičkoví kosmonauti

    Sovičkoví kosmonauti

    Výstup na marsovskou horu - 15 metrů vysokou

    Sovičkoví kosmonauti Sovičkoví kosmonauti

    Sovičkoví kosmonauti

    Pohybový astrokurz

    Sovičkoví kosmonauti Sovičkoví kosmonauti

    Sovičkoví kosmonauti

    Měsíční chůze

    Sovičkoví kosmonauti Sovičkoví kosmonauti
  • Mission X

    Mission X exercise

    Why keep fit? You should keep fit because if you didn’t you would get unhealthy and unwell. So far I have enjoyed all of the activities we have done in Mission X. My favourite activity was the satellite because it was very light and great fun at the same time, I really enjoyed it!
    Rosie, Elsenham