Mission X-nyhete

  • Let's go for a spin! UK Closing Event at QinetiQ

    QinetiQ Centrifuge

    On 12 June, Mission X students got the chance to spin their teacher!

    Students from 3 Mission X schools, Kingswinford in Dudley, Northbury in Barking and Dagenham and Mountfitchet Mathematics and Computing College in Essex, completed their Mission X programme at QinetiQ's long-arm human centrifuge facility.

    Mission X students found out how astronauts train for launch and landing in the centrifuge, made famous in the James Bond Moonraker film. Students also had the opportunity to meet space tourist, Per Wimmer, to discuss his astronaut training and to take part in some Mission X exercises. Finally the Royal Aeronautical Society Library gave a presentation on spaceflight over the years.

    Several brave teachers then participated in the centrifuge experience, with their health and performance monitored by their students.

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  • MX2013 CZECH - Elementary School "Mládí, Prague" - Closing meeting


    Teams "Fire Sun", "Black Ops", "No Name Planet" and "Moon Light" / Elementary School "Mládí, Prague 5" - CLOSING MEETING - 20 June 2013

    mx2013czech mx2013czech mx2013czech
  • Mission X & de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ruimtevaart

    Mission X & de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ruimtevart

    Mission X NL op "Ruimtevaart" 2013 - 2!