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Greece News

  • Crew Strength Training

    Our students performed exercises to develop upper and lower body strength in muscles and bones. They divided in groups and they executed body weight squats and push-ups. The task was challenging, but they did an excellent job and they’re looking forward for the next assignment.

  • A vehicle on Mars!!!!!

    With joy and effort, we made with lego pieces, a vehicle with which we will cross Mars.

  • Xatzivei School

    Our little astronauts executed the pilot plunk exercise so as to strengthen their abs and back muscles. And now we are ready for our next mission.


    Which foods should the astronauts take with them for having energy out into the space?
    Our 50 gastronauts completed a relay game in which they sticked on dashboards all the healthy foods and they threw in dumpsters all the unhealthy foods!It was a funny way to learn about healthy nutrition and they all enjoyed it!

  • Primary school of Isthmia

    Hi everyone. we are 14 students of 6th grade of Primary school of Isthmia, Corinth...
    Mars is the fourth fixture away from the Sun of our Solar System.
    It is often called a "red planet" because of the red color it displays on its surface.
    Mars is a terrestrial planet with a delicate atmosphere, combining the moon crash craters and the volcanoes, valleys, deserts and polar ice sheets of the Earth.
    Mars still has Mount Olympus, the tallest known term in our Solar System and the Mariners Valley, the largest valley.
    On his walk around the Sun he is accompanied by two small satellites: Phobos and Demos.
    We will try to have a visit there…..