Train like an astronaut introduction - January 2013

We have just completed 2 days of training in PE class on how to set up our mission journals (electronic portfolio's) on the Ipods. Exciting stuff. I'm learning as much about the technology from my students, as I'm guiding them through the process. I gave the MS students 5 minutes to create a "tweet" (140 character) reflection of their learning the past 2 days.

I'm very impressed, and pleased with the enthusiasm the students have shown as we incorporate technology in the PE class. I'm also looking forward to incorporating students blog reflections starting next week.

One of our students tested the use of the Ipod in class to capture her physical activity. The Ipod (and app) documented her calorie expenditure, pace, distance, etc. We hope to have each of our students using their Ipods in the next 2 weeks to record their movement and mission X progress in class, combined with recording heart rate, as we enter Healthy Heart Month in February.