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Canada News

  • Atoms, molecules...and odors/taste in Space :-)

    In good Montessorians we learned about atoms, mole and atomic/molar mass calculation and the notion of Big Bang (Montessori black ribbon and humility lesson very soon for visualizing time since Big-Bang and Earth’s birth).

    We also learn about molecules and combinaison of molecules on Earth and in Space...And we did a sensory activity to recognize the smells on Earth (soil), our moon (burnt smell), Mars (rotten egg), I.S.S. (sweating), Milky Way (raspberry and rum) etc. One combinaison of 50 molecules in Space made our galaxy smell raspberry and taste rum...(dont’ worry it was imitation rum extract for pastries and kids don’t taste this flavour ;-)
    We also made a memory game cards about molecules.

    See you soon. Please Canadian teams share your photos and activities :-)

    Victoria K.
    “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” (Chinese thought)

  • Mathematics mission

    Astronauts need to be very good in many areas and especially in mathematics and logic.
    So my team works on Algebra ! The youngest, 10 years old, thinks that factoring and expanding equations is a game... All his results were good. Thanks NASA (and Fields Institute...) :-)
    We are trying also two free books of Canadian Space Agency: RoboMath and Robomatique3: Students can learn in a 3D Space Station environnement.

    Canadian Teams don’t forget to share your mission/photos on the blog :-)
    Wish you all the best,
    Victoria K.

  • How to calculate your weight/mass on different planets, satellite or ISS?

    How to calculate your weight/mass on different planets, satellite or ISS if you are an astronaut?
    We found the answer on the free document of "Mars Project, Next Generation" and we learned to calculate in newtons (the unit of calculation).
    We took the opportunity to also learn a little more about the three laws of Newton (the scientist).

    Don't forget to register on MX-Train like an astronaut :-) If you are Canadian teacher registered on the website and if your classroom have questions about Spatial sciences in general feel free to contact me for a Q/A (French or English).

    Victoria K.
    Canadian Country Lead/Canadian Coordinator for MX
    Team Lead for "Space Cadets" (Homeschooling ;-)
    Student in Cosmology and Extragalactic Astrophysics with Paris Observatory

  • Non-Euclidean Geometry...and a big thought for Houston !

    All our thoughts were about Houston and the storm these days...
    We found old photographs of NASA engineers and mathematicians (you rock guys !) and saw the movie "Hidden Figures" (we love you Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson !).
    We take advantage of these first days of September to test the Lénárt sphere that we have just received of Hungary, and do some optics.
    Beautiful mathematics in perspective ;-)
    See you soon, and don't forget to register.

    Victoria K.

  • Team Canada recruits new teams

    Hi everybody,

    Are you a Canadian Teacher ? A parent-educator ? Are you working in a preschool, elementary school or middle-school ?
    We are looking for new teams around Canada !
    Please feel free to join us for this marvelous adventure or contact me if you have any questions about the project.

    Victoria K.
    Country Lead/Canadian Coordinator for MX-Train like an astronaut
    Team Lead for Space Cadets of Toronto.