Russian News

  • Can you feel that taste?

    And that's the type of activity every child that definitely fall in love with! Сonduct their own investigation by trying tasty things — what can be better?

  • Roll it out!

    Although it's a bit late report, but better late than never.

    Still our team had a great time, turning everything upside down!

  • Faster than light!

    How fast can we respond to a stimulus? Rrrrrealy fast! Thanks to all exercises our "Milky Way" team is completely assured of that.

  • Drink water - be happy

    Another activity is completed!
    Everyone knows about the importance of water for the body, but it never hurts to remind this fact again. That's why our "Milky way" team decided to choose "Hydration Station" and talked about many important roles that water plays keeping our body in peak performance.

  • Keep calm and balance!

    On Friday we had our next activity "Mission: Control!". Kids liked all the exercises, they easily coped with them. We also had a lot of fun, trying to stand confidently and not to fall.