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South Africa News

  • Cape Town: Senior group learn about nutrition

    The seniors fully immersed themselves into this activity. They learnt quite a bit about how important nutrition is, especially as an astronaut, and were able to track and identify their own healthy and unhealthy eating habits.

    The highlight was charting their eating habits and collaborating on the food pyramid.

  • Cape Town: Grades 1 - 6 strengthening their bodies!

    The Grades 1 - 6 got to explore one of the many exercise routines done by astronauts to get their bodies ready for space travel.

    They started with some warming up and stretching before getting into more strenuous training. The kids learnt an important lesson about their individual strengths and weaknesses and which exercises work with which muscle groups.

    Much fun was had by all and now they feel ready to go into space! Well almost anyway.....

  • Pics of Johannesburg Crew Strength training

  • Johannesburg does some sweat work

    The mission was to do body weight squats 10-25 reps and the push-ups 10-25 reps.

    The kids repeated this 3 times - The kids did very well the first round, reaching 25 on both.

    They then decided to go to 20 reps and then finish on 15 for both squats and push ups.

    Absolute troopers!

  • Learning curves

    Dear fellow participants;) As we draw near the end of the Mission of getting Astro Charlie to the moon, I wanted to share a quick note.

    It has certainly been an interesting and valuable learning process for us, The Foundation, as our first participating year representing South Africa. With just a small group of kids in 2 cities across the country from each other; we endeavoured to engage with activities that would compliment our curriculum. Even though some incomplete, nevertheless, the students really enjoyed it and the teachers gained enrichment through the process. Regardless of our standings this year, we are super keen and more knowledgable now to participate in the future Missions with confidence.

    We have some final blog posts with some pics to put up and hopefully add some points to the board so watch this space!

    Go Mission X SA!