Walk To The Moon

How long will it take our Fit Explorers to walk to the moon?

Mission X is an international challenge - and while we compete against teams in our own country, we are working together with all the teams to "walk to the moon!" Every point contributed from every country gets us a step closer to our goal.

Did you know?

The average distance from the earth to the moon is 238,857 miles or 384,403 km.

It would take the average human 478 MILLION steps to get to the moon, and at a speed of 3 mph or 4.8 km/h, it would take 79,619 hours. If you walked by yourself, and did not stop, it would take you about 9 YEARS to get to the moon.

Fit Explorers worldwide are adding points (steps) every day as they complete activities - check in every week to see how close they are coming to the moon!

Astro Charlie and Paxi on the Moon

Astro Charlie has finally reached his destination! With the help of students from all over the world he's finally reached the Moon! Paxi, ESA's little green alien, has joined him on Earth's satellite to celebrate with him!

Paxi has been busy training with Astro Charlie during the past weeks, as he also likes to keep fit! They really found the Mission X exercises enjoyable and useful. Now that they are on the Moon, where gravity is 1/6th what it is on Earth, they are finding these astronaut training exercises to be a great help!

Steps Taken
Steps Remaining