About Mission X

Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut is an international educational challenge focusing on fitness and nutrition to encourage students to "train like an astronaut".

Mission X is focused on fitness and nutrition because we know that a healthy body is necessary to be a Fit Explorer! The World Health Organization has designated childhood obesity as one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century - and diet, physical activity, and health are the best answers to this largely preventable problem. Astronauts know the vital importance of physical training for mission success, and we are excited for kids all over the world to learn from them. ESA Astronaut and 2015 Mission X Ambassador Samantha Cristoferetti said, "Your body is your spaceship for life" and the Train Like an Astronaut activities are designed to help you stay healthy through life.

Teams of elementary students will learn principles of healthy eating and exercise, compete for points, and get excited about space and the educational possibilities for their own future. Students will practice scientific reasoning and teamwork while participating in hands-on training missions targeting strength, endurance, coordination, balance, spatial awareness, and more.

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