Hvis du vil vide mere om, hvad ESA gør for at inspirere elever mht. rumrejser, kan du besøge

Swedish News

  • Funäsdalens skola

    Hi from the school in Funäsdalen in Sweden!
    We take a part in this competition for the first time ever.
    We have done a lot of the trainings already. The things you can do here when you are training like an astronaut is:
    You can take a bath in a pool. If you do, then you train your zero-gravity. The pool is at Hotel Funäsdalen.
    Because in the space, your gravity will go to zero. Just like in the pool, you will just float around.

    To land on the moon, you must have strong legs and to jump even stronger. You can jump skipping-rope to train your legs to jump. This we do in the sportshall.

    We have also sorted food and simulated urine.
    On the sports we have jumped to the moon and other fun stuff.
    We have trained our eye -handreaktion by using a ruler.
    We have also looked at tortillias.

  • Rocket Launching

    Showing some pictures from our Rocket Launching.

  • Visit from Rymdstyrelsen

    Last week our class had a guest from The Swedish Space Agency, Rymdstyrelsen. His name is Johan Köhler and he had also worked on ESA: He showed us a model of ISS. It was really COOL. He also showed us two solars (solceller) that had been placed at the Hubble telescope. He told us lots about space and we had many questions that he answered. We learned a lot and it was fun.

  • Epic Spacepigs

    We have talked about satellites and rockets. We have started to build our rockets and we have also talked about what to eat and drink in space.

  • The starry sky is like a storybook

    We learn more about the sun and constellations . The starry sky is like a storybook . Think of all the stories told through the ages in different countries.