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United States of America

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  • Uncovering the truth of space cuisine

    Last week the Preschool 1 class was very interested in finding out what astronauts eat in space, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner. They were curious what astronauts do for Thanksgiving and even what kinds of foods they can eat. We viewed videos from previous ISS astronauts to find the answer. Yet, nothing told us what astronauts eat on Thanksgiving. Some of the kids suggested turkey or even sandwiches, but M. remembered that "they (astronauts) use tortillas instead of bread so there's no crumbs."

    As our research continued we discovered a video from Texas A & M and learned that scientists make the astronauts food so it is safe in space. . The class learned that the astronauts get to taste test the food before their menu is finalized and we also discovered that the food goes into pouches that are color coded for each person. Unfortunately, this just gave us MORE questions:

  • Germs, Germs, Everywhere!

    Preschool 1 began a scientific exploration of germs. We learned what they are, how they spread, and how to prevent spreading using the scientific method. For our experiment we used glitter to simulate germs and explore how they spread. We practiced proper hand washing techniques and the students made sure to scrub the front and back of their hands, between their fingers, and on the wrist. We discussed why germs are dangerous both on Earth and on board the ISS. We concluded that it very important to keep our germs to ourselves and remember to wash our hands anytime we move on to a new activity or are going to eat.

  • Exploring the International Space Station

    Preschool 1 looked at photos of the ISS online; we reviewed videos about life in space. The children had questions about living in space and we added them to our "Letter to the Astronauts" the class will be sending. Some of our questions are:

    "Where do they work?"
    "Does NASA have flying cars?"
    "How do astronauts play in the space station?"
    "What do astronauts do for Thanksgiving? What do they eat?"

    We are excited to receive our replies!