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United States of America

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  • Fun exercising

  • Doing a 'Sensory' Spacewalk

    After learning about the moon landing and reviewing what we know about gravity, the class decided to simulate their own moon walk using yoga mats "because the gravity makes the moon bouncy" E.Y. stated. We used large and small stepping stones to simulate moon rocks for us to hop over bubble wrap to add a different texture to the land. Plus bubble wrap is fun! The children challenged themselves to do the course as quickly as they could while doing various different walks such as bear walking, hopping, crawling, bouncing, and even on their tip toes. They also made sure to remind their friends to stay on the path so we don't get lost on the moon or fall into a moon crater.

  • Warm Up at Coombs

    Improving blood circulation with speed walking!

  • Donuts in the park

    The Little Lego Donuts at Coombs park doing lower body strength training! The Fireflowers are guiding them in their astronaut journey: defying microgravity in space!

  • Uncovering the truth of space cuisine

    Last week the Preschool 1 class was very interested in finding out what astronauts eat in space, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner. They were curious what astronauts do for Thanksgiving and even what kinds of foods they can eat. We viewed videos from previous ISS astronauts to find the answer. Yet, nothing told us what astronauts eat on Thanksgiving. Some of the kids suggested turkey or even sandwiches, but M. remembered that "they (astronauts) use tortillas instead of bread so there's no crumbs."

    As our research continued we discovered a video from Texas A & M and learned that scientists make the astronauts food so it is safe in space. . The class learned that the astronauts get to taste test the food before their menu is finalized and we also discovered that the food goes into pouches that are color coded for each person. Unfortunately, this just gave us MORE questions: