United States of America


United States of America

To learn more about what NASA is doing to get students inspired about human spaceflight, check out www.nasa.gov/education.

If you are interested in joining Mission X USA or joining Team USA, please contact the Country Lead.

USA News

  • Base Station walkback

    Along with the groups in Team TRC we walked 4 laps around the 1st floor hallway. They Also did a baton and ball pass to practice on their coordination. The Group seemed to enjoy themselves and were somewhat taken aback when the time was over. Looking forward to next week.

  • Hello from Oklahoma, USA!

    The Bethany Bronchos are new to Mission X, but our fifth-graders are very excited to get started earning points next week!

    We would also love to connect with at least one school from another country that is participating in Mission X. If you are a teacher from a participating school and would like to connect via mail, Skype, or video exchange, please respond.

    Good Luck and have fun, everyone!

    Andrea Stewart
    Team Leader
    Earl Harris Elementary
    Bethany, Oklahoma, USA

  • Major Tom's Team is Ready!

    Major Tom's Team

    We are ready to begin our challenge! Can't wait to join all of the other amazing USA Teams in a new adventure!!!!

  • Jumping Stations in Action for the Mighty Mikes

    Standing Long Jump, Hopping, Hopscotch, Jump Rope, Frog Jumps, you name it, they did it!!!

  • Mighty Mikes endurance Turkey Run

    Students have been training over a month to do their timed Turkey Run and achieve their goal!!