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Japanese News

  • ミッションX2015 スタートしました。

    先日、JAXA筑波宇宙センターの相羽講師・山崎講師による特別講義を受けました。子ども達は宇宙についての関心が深まりました。そして谷田部小学校5年生164名のミッションXが本日スタートしました。今日のアクティビティは「A2:クルーのストロングストレーニング」でした。児童からは,「結構大変」「もっとたくさんのミッションに挑戦したい」といった声がありました。今日からミッションX がんばっていきたいと思います。

  • "Crew strength training” and “Do a space walk"!!

    「SPACE TOGO」愛知郡東郷町
    SPACE TOGOの本日のミッションは、「クルーのストレングストレーニング&スペースウォーク」!

    "SPACE TOGO" in Aichi               Friday, February 13, 2015
    Today's mission for us, SPACE TOGO, was "Crew strength training” and “Do a space walk!".
    After warming up with the TOGO TAISO daily exercise, we emulated the set of workouts that are practiced by astronauts, such as squats and push-ups, learning from instruction pictures. Everyone looked very serious in doing the exercise.
    We then tried the spacewalking, which we crawled on hands and legs in the image of walking in space.
    Through these activities we grew friendship between crews and became more and more aware of our teamwork. We will continue to enjoy this challenge together with the crew members!

  • 国立科学博物館見学!!!   National Science Museum



    We went to the National Science Museum in Tokyo today. It was there of a launching pad of lambda rocket. Children are most excited, and visited one is a particle of asteroid ITOKAWA. An artificial satellite HAYABUSA brought this back to the earth. Children visited very pleasantly.

    fig.2 fig.3 fig.4
  • 「SPACE TOGO」愛知郡東郷町

    「SPACE TOGO」in Aichi
    We took a special lecture by Mr. Aiba and Ms. Yamazaki of JAXA Tsukuba space center today.
    After warming up with “TOGO TAISO”, a body exercise that we always do, we got into the study time!
    It was enthusiastic to learn about space and astronauts, especially because we took the lecture through a videophone. Seeing the face of JAXA officers directly from the TV monitor was an experience we will never forget. Some of our friends even said they wanted to become astronauts.

  • Koln

    Hi friends,

    Astro Charlie and I have came to Koln, Germany from Japan.
    We will visit in European Astronaut Center and DLR.


    Hallo, Deutschland Freund !

    Go Mission X !