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United Kingdom

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  • Belfairs Crew testing their reaction times

    Mission X science activities, Space, Astronauts, Belfairs

    This week the Belfairs Crew tested their reaction times to see if they were like the "speed of light". They discovered that with practice they got better at the task but once we'd done some exercises it wasn't always so easy.

    Mission X science activities, space, astronauts, fun, training, Belfairs
  • Belfairs Science Week - Astro Nappies!

    Mission X science activities, Space, Astronauts, Belfairs

    To celebrate Science Week the Belfairs Mission X crew were discovering and exploring. We undertook the Astro-nappy activity testing which materials would absorb the most fluids when our astronauts are outside the space station. Great work everyone!

    Trainee Astronauts, space, science, fun to learn, Belfairs
  • The countdown is on!

    The Badgers, Foxes and Woodpeckers will be busy taking part in Mission X activities next week as part of British Science Week. Watch this space for what we get up to!

  • weak 5

    We had a great week of doing are activities. Well done to diamond class for getting a high score of 100 points on hydration station.

  • Belfairs - Crew Assembly & Space Pulse

    Mission X activities for fitness and measuring heart rates

    The Belfairs team have been exploring how their heart rate changes with activity using monitors and doing the team challenge of putting lego together whilst wearing gloves. It was very difficult and helped us to appreciate how hard it is for astronauts to do repairs.

    Mission X astronauts in training at Belfairs Woodland Centre Mission X at Belfairs for astronaut training