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  • Galaxy Girls

    The Galaxy Girls worked hard to compare the nutritional content of different foods and learned about what AstroCharlie would need in his diet to keep him healthy in space. Then they all made a set of meal menus for a day on the ISS.

  • How hydrated are you?

    Wow-our favourite mission so far!
    We followed instructions carefully to produce a variety of samples which represented a spectrum of hydration states!
    We discussed why hydration is important (astronaut or not), and the signs of dehydration. Part of our Mission X homework included observations of our own levels of hydration across a 12 hour time period.
    Mission feedback will be recorded and presented to our Mission colleagues early next week...

  • Fueling the body

    Our next challenge for our mission x odyssey involved looking at how we fuel our bodies. We looked at our daily food intake and calculated the amount of calories consumed. We compared this data to the advised number of calories we should be consuming. We can conclude that we are all eating a suitable amount of calories for our age and size.

    We further investigated the difference between good and bad calories and how they can affect the body in different ways. We compared our findings to Tim Peake's calorific needs up in space. Would an astronaut require less calories due to the gravitational effects on physical exercise?

    'The more you eat, the more you need to exercise' commented Paige.

    'Chocolate has lots of calories', remarked Aurelia

    A fun and very interesting activity enjoyed by all. Well done team!

  • The Speed Of Light

    Class 8 showed a great understanding of why astronaut's reaction times need to be quick... and the importance of being able to complete tasks equally well using either hand. They thoroughly enjoyed the activities and were amazed at how completing muscle memory exercises improved their performance... they were quite competitive by the end of the session!

  • Bentfield School, Stansted Primary School Mission X Kick Off

    Hello, Ola, Bonjour, barev, Dag, ya bonjourno,oh hio, gutantarg,konichiwa from Bentfield School, Stansted

    Astronauts need to be very brave and healthy and fit. Before today I never considered how to go to the toilet in space. Astro Ewan said the spacesuit was really heavy and It felt stiff and it was difficult to move. WE learnt about the risks of being an astronaut - especially at launch and landing. Our experience this afternoon was amazing and we learnt a lot. I never knew that astronauts had to sit in space for a long time. I never knew that I would see a real spacesuit. It was surprising to see how heavy the spacesuit was.