Bonus Activity: Touchdown Charlie

Your Mission

Playing sports requires teamwork and preparation. Teammates must work together. In space, astronauts also must react to new situations as a team. Their teamwork is imperative to the success of a mission, and often such teamwork ensures the safety of the crew. Try this bonus activity to improve proprioception and practice working as a team. 

Agility, Strength, Teamwork


This activity was originally created by NASA as a special activity for the 2017 SuperBowlLI event. 


Activity 1:

  • When Team Leader says, “walk”, walk in a straight line:
    • When Team Leader says “Proprioception”, turn to change directions and step with high feet as if you are walking over an obstacle
    • When Team Leader says “Corner Back”, turn and run backwards for 10 steps and then spin around to run 10 steps forwards. Run with high steps over any lines or cracks on the ground
  • When Team Leader says, “Nadir”, lie on the ground:
    • When Team Leader says “Balance”, rise to your feet and stand on one leg
    • When Team Leader says “Lineman” rise to your feet and run in place
  • When Team Leader says “heel-toe” walk heel-toe:
    • When Team Leader says, “Soyuz Landing” walk 4 more steps heel-toe and then jump in the air and land with good balance
    • When Team Leader says, “Sideline” take 4 more steps and stop with both toes next to each other as you lean forward without falling. Try to maintain balance

Activity 2:

  • Starting from rest, ask team members to run 37m (40yd) as fast as possible
  • Stopwatch or timer

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