Astronaut Logbook: A week in the life of an astronaut with Samantha Cristoforetti

Your Mission: Follow Samantha's routine on the ISS for one week and compare her daily tasks to yours. Observe your everyday routine and keep a record of it.

In this logbook activity set, students will learn about a typical week in the life of an astronaut. They will identify how life is different on Earth than it is in space and compare their week to that of ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.

They will analyse and compare their daily exercise and nutrition, assess how the choices they make in their clothing and hobbies, and discuss the skills they need to work in a team.



Science, Social Studies

Learning Objectives
  • Learn about the differences between life in space and on Earth
  • Learn about the importance of eating healthily
  • Identify why exercise is important in space and on Earth
  • Identify key skills needed to work in a team
  • Learn what an astronaut’s typical week looks like in space
Lesson: 30 minutes per activity (2 hours 30 minutes in total)
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Activity Preview:

Day 1: Food

Food is very important for astronauts to stay healthy in space, and they usually have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take a look at Samantha's meal plan for one day in space.

Day 2: Exercise

Keeping fit and doing daily exercise is very important for astronauts on the ISS. Explore how Samantha uses a machine to exercise on the ISS.

Day 3: Hobbies

During a typical day, Samantha tends to experiments and essential maintenance, exercises, and participates in daily task meetings and health checks. See how she unwinds and relaxes once all the work is done.

Day 4: Clothing

Surprisingly, astronauts can wear the same clothes they wear on Earth whilst they’re on the ISS! But some special clothing is required during certain times. Check out the different kinds of clothing Samantha wears in space.

Day 5: Teamwork

Working together is very important for astronauts on board the ISS. Explore how Samantha works with her fellow astronauts throughout a mission.

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