Bonus Activity: Yoga in Space

Your Mission
Join ESA astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti and Jaime from Cosmic Kids on a brand new adventure… Yoga in Space! Follow along with the videos and have a go at the activities in the accompanying Astronaut Yoga Plan. The accompanying PDF contains the full yoga plan – pose by pose as well as loads of fun space facts and classroom activities to enjoy!
Balance, Flexibility, Strength, FOCUS, Growth Mindset, Dreaming Big


This activity was developed by Cosmic Kids for Samantha’s MINERVA mission to the International Space Station.  For loads more fun kids yoga and mindfulness, subscribe to the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel or the Cosmic Kids App and search for the full Yoga in Space Playlist. Cosmic Kids are on a mission to help kids all over the world, be happy, healthy and strong. 

This activity is currently only available in English.


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