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Astronaut Logbook Day 5 – Teamwork

Being able to work well in a team is a very useful skill on the ISS, but also at school! Think of all the times you have worked with someone else. Maybe you partnered up on work at school, played a group game with your friends, or helped with cooking dinner?

Astronaut Logbook Day 3 – Hobbies

Having hobbies and doing something relaxing in your free time is a great way to stay happy and keep your mind healthy. Astronauts on the ISS also get free time to relax and enjoy their time in space.

Astronaut Logbook Day 2 – Exercise

Keeping fit and doing daily exercise is very important for astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) and on Earth. Think of all the exercise you do without realising – walking, running or even going up and down stairs. You may also play sports or do activities that require you to exercise like playing football, swimming or even horse riding.

Astronaut Logbook PAGE

Your Mission: Follow Samantha Cristoforetti’s routine at the International Space Station for one week and compare her daily tasks to yours. Observe your everyday routine and keep a record of it.

Astro Crops

Your Mission: Follow the development of three plants for 12 weeks to explore germination and plant growth.  If astronauts are going to settle on the Moon, or explore further reaches of our Solar System, they …

Astro Food

Your Mission: Identify which plants are suitable for growing in space as a good source of nutrition for astronauts. Food is one of the most important parts of our lives because it provides the fuel …

Astro Farmer

Your Mission: Investigate which factors affect plant growth, and relate these factors to growing plants in space. All the things we take for granted on Earth are either absent or different in space. In space, …

Reduced Gravity, Low Fat

Your Mission: Discover the fat content of a meal and formulate a balanced meal using fat content information. As astronauts travel to the moon, Mars, and beyond, the need for nutritionally balanced meals becomes even …

Bionic Hand

Your Mission: Explore the anatomy of the hand and build a bionic hand from cardboard. In a near future, it is expected that crews of astronauts and humanoid robots will work together to exploit space. …