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Greece News

  • Mission: Control

    The Little Astronauts improved their balance performing the following activities:
    • They tried to balance, raising one foot up behind them and then in front without falling for at least 30 seconds.
    • They counted the seconds they could stand on one foot while throwing a ball against the wall.
    • They were divided into groups of 6 players and formed circles. They tried to balance on one foot while gently tossing a gym ball to a player across them. If a player lost balance and both feet touched the floor, he or she hopped on one foot around the outside of the circle before rejoining the game.

  • Jump to the Moon

    The Little Explorers performed rope jump training (both static and moving), in order to increase bone strength, cardiovascular and muscle endurance.

  • Crew strength training

    The Little Explorers performed body-weight squats and push-ups to develop upper and lower body strength. In addition, they recorded observations and improvements regarding their strength training and they identified their exercised muscles by muscle soreness.


    Coming towards the end our young astronauts this time had to choose 4 activities. They selected four activities to do as quickly as they could, while maintaining proper form. The children after choosing 4 activities, those they liked best (Βase Station Walkback - Planet You Go, Gravity You Find – Jump to the Moon – Crew Strength Training), they managed to do them in very short time. All in all, the preparation to be an astronaut is very tiring ; but the procedure is very pleasant and fun.

  • The small astronauts of the 9th elementary school of Levadia- Learning About Planets ...

    Simultaneously with the activities for strengthening the small crew astronauts of 9th Primary School Levadia informed about planets and through a fun game understood the existence of other planets in space ..