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Greece News

  • Primary school of Isthmia

    Superfoods from our schoolyard
    The students of the E2 class of the Primary school of Isthmia, studied and learnt a lot about nutrition and healthy food. Going around the schoolyard, they discovered a real treasure of plants that could provide nice and healthy food to anyone, even astronauts. Some of these plants have been there for years and some other were planted and cultivated from pupils and their teachers recently. They found olive trees, orange, bergamot and mandarin trees, pomegranate and fig trees, almond trees, rosemary, oregano, peppermint, rocket, and lettuce plants and a vine! So, they took pictures of the plants, estimated their value and made some crafts.

  • Mission X: Energy of an Astronaut

    We started by talking about healthy and unhealthy food and then the students investigate the food pyramid and learn the basic foods of a well balanced diet.
    The children were really excited when we started finding and cutting pictures of each food from magazines to make our own Food Pyramid. After we spoke about the kinds of food that the astronauts eat and how they differ from ours. It was really interesting and exciting for the young students!!!

  • Mission X: Astro Agility Course

    This week our team managed to complete an agility astro course quickly and as accurately as possible.Students completed the Astro-Course lying down on the ground at the starting point and when time started they jumped to their feet and ran. The activity was great fun and the kids enjoyed...

  • Mission X: Building an Astronaut Core

    Our young astronauts performed the Commander Crunch and Pilot Plank to improve the strength in abdominal and back muscles. Children understood that back and abdominal muscles protect their spine, maintain proper posture and transfer energy through their body for powerful movements such as swinging and throwing.

  • Mission X: Jump to the Moon

    This time our little astronauts trained by using a rope. They strengthened their bones and their stamina!
    They jumped with the rope first on one feet then with both feet together and in rotation. In the end , we made a combination of jumps and games with the rope.