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    The Happynaut team completed a combination of activities this week.
    Squats, pushups, and jumping in the air were the three activities which helped the students to increase the strength
    of muscles and bones. We are ready for the next mission!!!

    jumpings in the air squat and jumping
  • 17 Primary School Of Agrinio.

    This time students performed a circuit training as fast as they could and worked out the total body.
    Students carried the ball between their legs to the hula-hoop, they ran among the cones, passed under the hurdle without dropping it, and walked like a bear on the gymnastics ladder.

  • 17 Primary School Of Agrinio.

    Our team performed a circuit training as fast as it could.
    1. Somersaults through a hula-hoop
    2. Hopping inside a hula-hoop circle, first on the right leg, then on both legs and finally on the left one
    3. Running on the vaulting box
    4. Jumps over different hurdles in a row.

  • 17 Primary school of Agrinio

    Training in a playground.There's nothing more exciting than kids exercising through play .

  • Feel like Austronauts

    We try to feel a little like astronauts and we try to make a puzzle wearing our gloves. We realise that way how difficult is for astronauts to do little things wearing their uniform...!
    Also, the puzzle we made was Europe and we see how is from above - from a spacecraft and we learn that way the European countries too!!!