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Greece News

  • Do a Spacewalk Primary School of Eleochori

    The students performed the crawling of the bear and the walking of the crab to increase their muscular reinforcement and improve the coordination of their upper and down parts of their body during this experience. They certainly enjoyed it teasing each other while involving themselves in task performance.

    Crabs and bears in action!

  • Astro Agility Course Primary School of Eleochori

    The learners carried out speed, agility and precision activities for refining their movement and cooordination skills. They took part in a road race with obstacles, they changed their course of action while running and trying to keep their balance without falling down or running into people and objects. There was a lot of competition among the learners who cheered and shouted slogans.

    Go power astro students!!!

  • SPEED OF LIGHT Primary School of Eleochori

    The pupils performed a time- reaction activity using  a ruler so as to practise hand -eye co-ordination as well as their concentration span. To be more specific, they tried catching the ruler in between their index finger and thumb. Catching a ball road crossing and riding a bike all these actions would help develop one's reflexes in the future.

    Always a careful astronaut! Always a capable astronaut!

  • JUMP FOR THE MOON Primary School of Eleochori

    The pupils started performing skipping rope activities on the spot or in motion for the utmost purpose of strengthening their bones and muscles as well as their heart beat. The activity was repeated several times according to the mission assignment. They really enjoyed themselves as they are used to skipping rope as part of their everyday play routine. Enjoying exercising is the best secret for keeping fit. We hope astronauts share our joy as we share our enthusiasm and admiration for their achievements.

  • Crew Strength Training Primary School of Eleochori

    The students performed certain tasks taking advantage of their body weight for the purpose of improving their muscle and bone strength. They squatted and took push-ups. Strong astronauts have nothing to fear; nothing to hesitate about. They can be strong even in the most demanding missions. Thus, our students did their best. Be strong, be healthy, be ready!