If you are interested in joining Mission X in Canada or joining Team Canada, please email the Country Lead.

Canada News

  • Food on Earth and Space

    We visit several farms (the Ottawa Experimental Farm, the Toronto Island Farm) and several community gardens. We are trying to see how the food is produced. And then to see how it could be produced in space (I.S.S. with the project Tomatosphere) or on Mars.

    Victoria K.

  • MX-Train like an astronaut, NASA and Space Apps Challenge at Toronto- Save the date!

    NASA and Space Apps Challenge at Toronto, the April 29th-30th! Save the date! It's a free event and a NASA incubator innovation program.
    I will be at the event for run an activity, in English and French, about Space math for kids (9-13) and to present the project MX-Train like an astronaut.
    The official website:
    For free registration:

    Victoria Kayser for Team Canada

  • Planting the Seed for Space Exploration and Math

    Hi everybody,
    Great activity today for the taste/food in Space and...math!
    We used resources from MX-Train like an astronaut; book "Planting the seed for space exploration" from Canadian Space Agency and seeds from Tomatosphere/Let's talk about science.
    Canadian teams we're waiting for your photos. Please share your experience :-)

    Victoria K.

  • Laser ranging to the Moon, Mars and beyond

    We are trying to build a laser maze on a budget (and learning about laser in Space) + we are studying colors and light with a spectroscope.
    Next time, we will observe wavelength and learn about nodes and antinodes.

  • Light and Nanosecond

    We are trying to calculate the distance that light travels in one nanosecond.