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United States of America

To learn more about what NASA is doing to get students inspired about human spaceflight, check out www.nasa.gov/education.

If you are interested in joining Mission X USA or joining Team USA, please contact the Country Lead.

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  • Robotics Arm


    Hello from Culver City, CA.
    We are the Fireflowers from Farragut Elementary and we are excited to be a part of this program. We are looking forward to meeting other teams via Skype.
    We started by exercising in our local park!! We talked about the importance of exercise especially to astronauts and the way the spacesuits are designed to cool the astronaut's body when they exercise. We paid tribute to one of our favorite astronauts Gene Cernan commander of Apollo 17 who passed away on Jan 17. What would an astronaut on the Moon do, like Cernan in 1972, if his rover broke down 6 miles from its base ?
    Afterwards, we talked about the importance of robotic arms on the ISS and how much they help astronauts finish their work. We created our own robotics arm and we tried to pick up different objects with it. We had lots of fun!!!

    Robotics Arm Robotics Arm Robotics Arm
  • Taste In Space

    Today we explored how our sense of smell impacts our ability to taste food with Taste In Space. Our guinea pigs tasted two flavors of coffee, fruit punch, orange juice, chocolate pudding and blueberry yogurt. It was a very interesting and fun experiment. Then we watched them do the experiment on the ISS! Lots of cool science related questions were discussed after watching the video.

    We also continued our strength and endurance training by doing squats, push-ups and laps. Our goal is to keep beating our previous week's record.

    Go Team!

  • Le Lycee International de Los Angeles pret pour le départ

    Nous voila prêt pour partir en mission en tant qu'astronaute! C'est le lancement du projet et nous sommes totalement investi pour parler de nos rêves, de nos angoisses, de nos difficultés. Nous formons une sacre équipe et nous sommes prêts sous le commandement de Mme Decriem à attaquer notre programme d'entrainement!

  • Week 1 on the Run!

    Earl Harris Elementary has hit the ground running for week one of Walk to the Moon! In our science classroom we have analyzed our diets through Energy of an Astronaut. We are all going to try to eat more balanced diets with the right calories for the next six weeks! In physical education we worked on balance with Mission: Control, and found the effect of gravity on strength in Planet you Go: Gravity you Find. But the big news is that Mrs. Stewart's class has pulled into an early lead by completing two activities during homeroom time! With Speed of Light and Crew Strength Training, her class has 200 points more than any of the other three! We will see if anyone has the strength and determination to catch up!

    Good Luck Teams! And Have Fun!

  • Speed of light

      adaptive adaptations of speed of light with a ball
    adaptive adaptations of speed of light using a pool noodle