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  • ASTROpisssssssssssssssstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    some started and somehow landed...

    In this exercise, we have done our best, you can see it from the pictures we were as quick as light, we were TRUE STAR BLAZERS....

    some other the challenge was ahead there were those as quick as lighting
  • star blazers and space science

    yellow like the stars

    we also produced some ppt presentations on ESA astronauts as we aspire to be one is one of our projects and the presentation on the interactive white board

    ..r supporting esa ww project in every sense and on their shoulders too!!! so enthusiastic after all that English studying.....
  • La velocità della luce - the speed of light....

    all together

    Before getting under way with serious training, we have done a bit of concentration and speedy reaction game...useless to say we were at time slow and giggly...yet astronauts seem to have fun when they train, so did are our pictures
    the star balzers

    sooooooooooooo concentrated we even close the eye and tried with our sixth sense! wow this is speed man state of the art
  • sempre più in alto...


    passo dopo passo ci avviciniamo alla vetta... e in caso di necessità siamo pronti a saltare senza farci prendere dal panico... ma all'inizio la paura c'era eh.
    la sfida continua

    step by step we are getting closer to the top... if they ask we are ready to jump without panicking... at the beginning we were shaking of course.
    the challenge continues
    I 23 lunatiCi

    montannamarziana montagnamarziana montagna
  • making our bones stronger and stronger

    i 23 lunatiCi

    We started our scientific activity studying chicken bones... We thought to know everything... but we realized how difficult it is to create a very strong and solid bone...
    but we made it!!!
    i 23 lunatiCi