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  • The Italian Space Rock 'n Rollers!

    Well, the Italian Space Cadets have been having a rock 'n rolling good time! They have been doing beginner, intermediate and advanced sommersaults all the way down the length of the school gym! They have been rolling through hula hoops and inventing some other very creative ways to roll! Lots of fun and hardwork. Due to the gravity here on Earth, you really have to use you abdominal muscles, your legs and bend your back to make your sommersaults spectacular.

    One thing is certain, those Astronauts must have a lot of fun doing amazing sommersaults in space! It's worth the crazy roller coaster ride on the Soyuz there and back to get the opportunity to do fun sommersaults in the ISS!

  • Hard work = Better results!

    The Italian Space Cadets have evidence which confirms... Hard work = Better results!

    Over the past 4 weeks, the Italian Space Cadets have trained like astronauts and have all obtained significantly quicker times in the Astro Agility-Course! Well done! It was worth all the sweat!

    The fastest and most agile Italian Space Cadets were Vittorio, Carlo, Alberto and Alice. Their times ranged from an extraordinary 18.36 seconds to an amazing18.79 seconds!

    Keep up the hard work everyone, you will do an fantastic job on the next activity...It starts next week!

    Go Mission X Italy! Go the Italian Space Cadets!

  • Mission Journal

    Here is an example of our Astro Agility Course Mission Journal.
    Students complete one during each session and store them in a folder.
    Let us know what you think!

  • Official Astro Agility Course results

    Vittorio is the fastest Italian Space Cadet! He completed the course in an AMAZING 20.50 seconds!
    What did he drink for breakfast this morning? Rocket fuel?!!
    Go Mission X Italy!

  • Training hard for the Astro Agility Course!

    The Italian Space Cadets are working super hard in the school gym! They have learned that agility means moving your body quickly and precisely. The Cadets have also learned about the effects long duration missions have on the bodies of astronauts. Living in a microgravity environment for a long periods of time weakens astronauts muscles as they don't use their muscles like they do on Earth. The effects can be seen when they return to Earth from their mission and they need to do lots of rehabilitation to restore and maintain their agility.

    Here are some pictures taken of the Cadets by Mrs Lu, the Cadet's Strength, Conditioning and Rehabilitation Specialist (their teacher)! The future astronauts did the Astro Agility Course, jumped over hurdles, raced through hoops and did basketball (Astronaut Thomas Pesquet's favourite sport!) training.

    Despite the hard work and sweat, the Italian Space Cadets are enjoying themselves and are improving their agility.