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United Kingdom

To learn more about what UK Space Agency is doing with Mission X in the UK, check out http://www.esero.org.uk/missionx

To learn more about what ESA is doing to get students inspired about space, check out

UK News

  • Space Food

    The children have investigated the foods in the food pyramid and learnt about calorie intake. They have designed healthy pack lunches for a week. They have worked with Chiara Bello, a Space food designer, to design a new space food for an astronaut.

  • Check out our mission patches

    Grove Primary School Mission Patch

    UK students have designed their own Mission X patches. Check out this one from Grove Primary School

  • Failure is Not An Option

    Charmain Dunham

    The UK Science Teaching for Mission X is led by Mrs Charmain Dunham. She was thanked for her work by Jeremy Curtis from the UK Space Agency day and given a signed copy of Failure is not an Option.

  • Cracking under the pressure

    Living bones

    Students have been checking out bone strength - some have been cracking under the pressure.

    Living bones
  • A wee bit of learning

    Hydration staton

    Students have been learning about hydration and testing samples.

    hydration station