United Kingdom


United Kingdom

To learn more about what UK Space Agency is doing with Mission X in the UK, check out http://www.esero.org.uk/missionx

To learn more about what ESA is doing to get students inspired about space, check out

UK News

  • Space Chicks

    St Marys Stansted

    St. Mary's Primary School students examine chicken bones as part of living bones. Has a chicken ever gone to space? Or are there other sorts of space chicks?

  • UK Students Wonder Where Charlie is Now?

    Where's Charlie

    We wonder where Charlie is now? Did he arrive safely in Austria? Is he going to Space?

  • Team UK students find out what's on their plates

    Whats on your plate
  • Reducing Gravity, Lowering Fat

    |Reduced Gravity Low Fat

    Students had a go at looking at the fat content in burgers ... but then also looked at what the fact content might be in school lunches. Can you guess how much fat there is pepperoni?

  • Mission X

    Well we do all different types of activities such as desighn our own astronaught food and talk to journalists. My most faveriote bit of the lanch day was when we did the agilty course. It was really fun, but really exausting.Charlie Truscott age 11 Birchanger