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Nederland News

  • Jump to the moon


    A great aerobic exercise to get the heart and lungs working faster, quite tricky though for some!

    Pheww this is tricky!
  • Space rolls

    Abdel shows us how it's done

    Wow, how exciting was this! We loved making somersaults and rolling on the big mat! We had the option of either using a springboard to jump onto or doing it straight off the ground.

    Rey Francois
  • Sterke botten, zeg!


    Wauw, wat zijn zelfs kleine botten zoals die van kippen ongelooflijk sterk! Vandaag hebben we de missie 'levende botten, sterke botten' volbracht. Na het kippenbot goed te hebben bestudeerd, ontdekten we dat 'het bruine' binnen in het bot wel iets heel speciaals moest zijn wat het bot extra sterk maakte. Door de meester werden we uitgedaagd om dit kleine kippenbotje te breken met onze handen. Een makkie dachten we. Nadat bijna iedereen het had geprobeerd moesten we concluderen dat het bot erg sterk was! Het lukte alleen de meester om hem te breken.

    botbreken-02 botbreken-03 botonderzoek-01
  • Building an astronaut core

    This is easy thinks Mazen

    This was a real enjoyable task to do. Children pushed themselves to the limits to be the last person "planking". Also the Commander crunches were a great hit although they were a bit harder to do for most.

    Kaydree working hard Alexey working hard on the Commander Crunches
  • Base station walk back

    week 1

    We have been running once a week now for the past 3 weeks. It was really hard finding our heartbeat/pulse at first but now we know all about it. Counting how many breaths you take in a minute was also quite tricky at first. When we first did this activity , we were all so excited our heartbeats were slightly high already. We found out that our heartbeat accelerates when we are moving over a longer period of time.

    Nico feeling a little bit tired Milan