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Greece News

  • "Stories of Tomorrow" - Astronomy and Space

    The broadcast About ... EDUCATION with the teacher Karaggeli Kyriaki - Maria is titled: "Stories of Tomorrow" - Astronomy and Space.

    Our guest:
    -Dr. Sofoklis Sotiriou, Head of Research and Development in Greek-German Education with great educational work. He has worked for CERN for many years, has worked out two doctoral theses in Astrophysics of High Energy and the Teaching of FH. and has authored more than 100 articles, 45 scientific publications and 45 stand-alone books.
    In telephone communication we had:
    Athena Primiikiris, a lecturer selected in 2014 by NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration as Country Lead of Greece in the global mission challenge Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut
    -Serapheim Spanos, Director of the 2nd GEL Volos, with significant distinctions in Pan-Hellenic and Pan-European educational competitions and member of the Volos Astronomy and Space Society.

  • Ο Καραγκιόζης Αστροναύτης!

    eShadow: Μια εκσυγχρονισμένη εκδοχή του παραδοσιακού Θεάτρου Σκιών. Με το eShadow δίνεται η δυνατότητα δημιουργίας ψηφιακών παραστάσεων, καταγραφής, διαμοιρασμού και παρακολούθησής τους!!!
    Φέτος, δημιουργήσαμε ψηφιακά την παράσταση "Ο Καραγκιόζης Αστροναύτης" με αναφορές στο MissionX-Train Like an Astronaut!

  • Arsakeio Primary School of Patras: M.ARS.I.A.N. team- Do a Spacewalk

    Arsakeio Primary School of Patras: M.ARS.I.A.N. team- Do a Spacewalk

    Will it be a “bear crawl” or “crab walk” for you? M.ARS.I.A.N. team's votes proved in favor of the latter. Either way, though, you can bet that adding some spacewalking to your everyday routine is the best way to increase muscular strength and improve upper and lower body coordination. We had a special mission of spacewalking while trying to achieve both, resembling the way bears crawl and crabs walk... funny, right?

    Actually, not. Getting your muscles to work exactly the way you need to move around, carrying your body weight without falling over is not an easy task! Gradually, though, as every M.ARS.I.A.N. respecting himself would do, we found the technique and strength to keep the fun going! Oh, and our Mission Journals were filled up with smiley bears and crabs...

    P.S. We also performed the activity in two different surfaces, indoors and outdoors, to compare the level of difficulty.
    "SpaceWalk" Mission Accomplished!

    Arsakeio Primary School of Patras: M.ARS.I.A.N. team- Do a Spacewalk
  • Astro Agility Course is what came next - Arsakeio Primary School of Patras

    M.ARS.I.A.N. [Mars ARSakeian Interstellar Astro Navigators] Astro - Agility

    Given the chance to improve your quickness and speed, last longer on the dance floor, field, or the court, bike/roller-blade faster and rock your skateboard tricks... would you declare yourself indifferent? Our M.ARS.I.A.N. [Mars ARSakeian Interstellar Astro Navigators] team definitely would not!
    This crew of dedicated astronauts continued their path following Astro- Charlie to the moon (and beyond), successfully completing the "Astro Agility Course" Mission!
    Who knows what will come next?

  • Missed us? Here we come again, Building an Astronaut Core! - Arsakeio Primary School of Patras

    Team M.ARS.I.A.N. Building an Astronaut Core

    When our M.ARS.I.A.N. [Mars ARSakeian Interstellar Astro Navigators] team crew of ambitious astronauts set their minds on getting training done, there is no place for second thoughts or turning back ideas! If adult astronauts find training for missions as infants compelling, being a child astro-trainee comes with the pro of still remembering the fun of keeping yourself sitting up- or rolling from your back onto your belly...

    Lets go to Florida