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Greece News


    We made our space-uniforms and now we are ready for our missions!Our gastronauts have something to declare such as:
    -Eat fruits and vegetables!
    -If you believe in aliens, maybe they really exist!
    -I am having fun in the space!
    In our next activity, we are going to meet astro-Paolo and learn more about space and nutrition!

  • Roll and roll

    In our next mission,our little astronauts imitated the real astronaut by going exercises so as to improve their balance
    and strengthen their body muscles.
    So they did roll-n-roll and they tried to balance by standing on their
    feet and hands at the same time.

  • "MissionX Train Like an Astronaut" inpsires an eTwinning project!

    "MissionX: Space School" is an eTwinning project inspired by "MissionX Train Like an Astronaut"!

    This project is an interdisciplinary approach that combines Astronomy, Science, Math, Geography , Physical Education and Language classes in an inquiry learning context that enhances development of global citizenship and universal awareness. It aims to educate and inspire children participating in the “Mission X Train like an Astronaut” project, combined with a specific selection of educational activities derived from E.S.A., N.A.S.A. and E.S.E.R.O. educational archives, as well as the “Space Awareness” and “Space Scoop” websites.

    Take a look!
    If you are interested in joining email us: &


    In our first training day at 18th Primary School of Acharnes we created our own space and we painted our space-uniforms. We are now ready to start our nutrition-space journey and explore the space-world!

  • Training day for Happynauts

    On Friday 12/1/18 our little students of Chatzivei Kindergarden
    School walked the distance of 1600m in our nearby park.
    Patience,persistence and strenght were the characteristics
    that Happynauts demonstrated to accomplish thiw mission.
    Happynauts are ready for their next mission!!!