If you are interested in joining Mission X in Greece or joining Team Greece, please email the Country Lead.

Greece News

  • Circuit Training 2 (CT2)

    Rainbow team is back and todays work out is:
    “bear crawl” and
    “crab walk
    Pilot Plank
    Hand-eye Reaction Training
    throwing and catching techniques on one foot

  • Circuit Training 1 (CT1)

    For the first Circuit Training 1 we voted the 4 exercices and we did a draft plan in order to know exactly what exercice we do in every work-out station.
    The four exercices were:
    Beginner somersault
    the Agility Astro-Course
    Commander Crunches
    body-weight squats

  • Living Bones, Strong Bones

    In this challenge the members of Rainbow Team observed bones in book and encyclopedia.In this challenge the members of Rainbow Team observed bones in book and encyclopedia and we found more information on the web.

  • Explore and Discover

    Hello again from Rainbow team
    Today we learn how to safely carry weighted objects from the Exploration Area back to the Base Station in order to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness. We formed two teams, each team had a doctor (mission control medic) who will helped take the explorer’s heart rate .
    It was a difficult task but we observe how the heart rate increased after we carried weight oblects and also we understand the right position of our body when we lift an object.

  • Do a Spacewalk

    For today's challenge we walked like bears and crabs trying to increase our muscular strength and improve upper and lower body coordination.First we get down on our hands and feet (facing the floor) and walked on all fours like a bear.We even made mask when we first performed that exercise. Then we sat on the ground and put our arms and hands behind us, knees bent and feet on the floor. The difficult part was to lift ourself off the ground (facing upwards).This challenge is one of our favorite and we try to find time to perform it everyday.