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Greece News

  • students in actions

    cooking balanced meals: fruit salad

    Students in action from the Special School for deafblind in Athens worked as a team and prepared healthy meals (fruit salad, home made cookies, fresh bread, home made pizza) and exercised in order to strengthen their muscles and body.

    a physical activity that strengthens muscles and bones physical activity that improves heart and increase bones strength a physical activity for balance, body coordination and spatial awareness
  • A visit to the National Observatory of Athens

    On 6 February 2016 we went to the National Observatory of Athens. There were many remarkable telescopes which we use to see the stars, the constellations and the planets. We made a tour of the museum learning about the Earth's orbit around the sun, we discussed the zodiac (constellations) and its importance and studied telescopes and other machines such as the Antikythera Mechanism associated with the planets and the stars. The National Observatory of Athens organized a treasure hunt for us aimed at familiarizing 8-11 year olds with astronomy and space. The reward was a telescope! We learned more about space, we played with the stars and we got a poster as a reminder of a great day dedicated to the universe!

    This visit was part of our school's activities related to space and directly related to ESA's European project "Mission X: Train like an Astronaut".

  • Base Station Walkback

    During training for the walk back base station, children warmed-up by jogging in pairs for 2’ minutes around the volleyball field ( 2 laps of 162 meters). After a necessary rest of 60’’ sec by walking around, they started the main training. They accomplished sprint intervals on a basketball court in order to develop their physical endurance. They had to sprint for 13 meters, touch the cone or circle around it, return to the start line and touch it with their hand. Then they had to sprint for 22 meters and do the same again. They repeated the exercise twice at first and then for four times while increasing the distance. At the end and after they hydrated their body by drinking water, the children accomplished successfully 200 meters of jogging in pairs. Though it was a tough goal, the classmates saw it as a challenge, had a nice teamwork and made patience to succeed it!

  • Hydration Station

    Πόσο νερό έχω;

    We examined closely the amount of water in the human body. In the first picture children drawed the conclusion that elderly people are in great need of hydration so it is in our responsibility to remind them to do so. Secondly we cooperated in order to write down a hydration log of our daily activities underlining the fact that we should all stay hydrated either in space or on earth!.

    Ποια και πόσα υγρά πίνω καθημερινά;
  • Energy of an Astronaut

    Furthering their knowledge about astronauts’ life in space, the students had the chance to learn about the benefits of a balanced diet, both in their everyday life and in the life of an astronaut. So in their English class they were shown a Food Pyramid and a discussion was fired away concerning: What does a balanced diet mean? What do we need to include in our everyday eating habits in order to achieve a balanced diet? What would astronauts need to eat in space to remain healthy? and finally, Does their diet differ from ours? A lot of new vocabulary was acquired and used in the task set.