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Nepal News

  • Agility Astro Course

    On 4th day of November 2015 we did a task of Mission X ‘Agility Astro Course.’ For this we first classified ourselves in two groups. We did this activity in a little comfort zone and used wrapped bowl as the cone.

    The length of the course is 10 meters (33 feet) and the width (distance between the start and finish points) is 5 meters (16.5 feet). Four cones are used to mark the start, finish, and the two turning points. Another four cones are placed down the center an equal distance apart 3.3 meters (11 feet) apart between each cone.
    Each individual took about an average time period of 3 minutes on completing the agility astro course for 3 times. There was a gap for 60 seconds in every lap. The total time taken for the course was about 30-45 minutes.

  • Mission: Control

    On 2nd day of November 2015, we did the task of Mission X ‘Mission: Control.’ For this 1st of all we classified ourselves into two groups and we did warm up. We initiated our activity as follows:
    First we bounced a tennis ball off a wall while balancing on one foot. We did this for 60 seconds. Without taking a break, we changed legs and balanced on the opposite foot for 60 seconds. We took rest for 30 seconds and repeated this routine five times.
    Then we conducted the above acceleration while balancing one foot on a small trampoline.
    We played the Balance Training Game with a partner by balancing one foot on a small trampoline.
    Finally we hydrated ourselves and collected the mission data and we completed our task.
    This activity was so interesting, we all enjoyed this task.

  • Jump for the moon

    On 25th day of October 2015, we did the activity of mission x ‘Jump for the Moon’. For this first we did warm up and then we initiate our activity. We jumped rope in place for 60 seconds without stopping. Then we took rest for 30 seconds. Similarly, we simultaneously jumped rope side to side for 60 seconds. We repeated this activity for three times.
    Again we jumped rope for 30 seconds doing a straddle jump. Also for this we took rest for 30 seconds then did a straddle jump for 60 seconds. Again we repeated this activity three times.
    Finally we jumped rope in place for 30 seconds and jumped rope side to side for 30 seconds. Straddle jumped for 30 seconds. Then we took rest for 30 seconds and we did this three times.
    At last we hydrated ourselves and collected the mission data from both of the groups.
    We all were excited to carry out this activity, as we could play skipping rope game too.

  • Speed of light

    On 20th day of October 2015 we carried out the activity of mission x 'Speed of Light'. On carrying out this task 1st of all we discussed about the speed of light according to the mission handout. Then we classified our team into two group naming ‘A’ & ‘B’. We did the experiment for 10 times; 5 times before stress & 5 times after stress. Then we collected the mission data from both groups.
    This task was quite different than our thought. We were thinking that, in this task we have to find the speed of light, however it is more difficult to find the speed of light but finally we came to know that it was just to improve the concentration power and the contact between eyes and hand.

  • Crew Strength Training

    चालक दलको सामथ्र्य
    अक्टोवर १५, २०१५ मा हामीले चालक दलको सामथ्र्य कृयाकलाप गर्यौं । यो कृयाकलाप गर्दा सुरुमा दुई समुहमा विभाजन गर्यौं र पहिला वार्मअप गर्यौं । त्यसपछि प्रत्येकले २० पटक स्क्वाट गर्यौं र एक मिनेट आराम गर्यौं । त्यसपछि फेरी प्रत्येकले २० पटक पुशअप गर्यौं । अन्त्यमा सबै कृयाकलापको प्रतिवेदन तयार गर्यौं ।

    On 15th day of October 2015 we gathered in the hall to perform an activity of Mission X – 'Crew Strength Training'. We first divided into two groups of 5 and 6 members. We did warm-up in the beginning. Then each member did Squat 20 time simultaneously. After that we took rest for 60 seconds. We then did push-up 20 times each. At the end, we prepared report of the activities. On the first day many members felt little tired after the activity but when we repeated the activity on the consecutive days we started feeling less tired but more strength.