If you are interested in joining Mission X in Greece or joining Team Greece, please email the Country Lead.

Greece News

  • Space adventure

    Rainbow team proudly present our stop motion movie about what MISSION X means to us. The student talk as if she were Charlie and describes in greek the learning oblects of the mission.

  • Charlie is in our kindergarten in Rodopoli Greece

    After all the things we learnt we invited Charlie "to eat breakfast with us".
    Charlie also took a look in our secret movie project about Space and the informations we revealed during this year.
    Thanks Charlie
    With love
    Rainbow team- Greece

  • Agility Astro-Course

    Pegasus Team is preparing for the challenge of mission x. In this exercise our goal is to improve agility by performing a difficult task that requires to be fast and to be able to move between hurdles. During training we had to change directions while moving and running and keep our balance instead of falling over into other classmates or hurdles.

  • Building an astronaut core

    On today’s challenge Pegasus Team learnt how to build a strong core. The task required to do the Commander Crunch and the Pilot Plank.
    We exercised our Back and abdominal muscles and we learnt that in order to protect our spine and to maintain proper posture we must do often those exercise if we want to improve the strength of our core muscles.

  • Do a Spacewalk!

    Pegasus Team is up to a new challenge. In today’s workout Pegasus team performed the “bear crawl” and “crab walk” to increase muscular strength and improve upper and lower body coordination. We had so much fun and that’s why we decided to play soccer like crabs. It was for sure a difficult but very amusing exercise.