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Greece News

  • Child on the Moon

    The crew now stepped on the Moon! Students made leaps and measured their performance by different heights.

  • Empowerment Crew

    Our crew has strengthened the upper part of their body with seats for strengthening bones and muscles.

  • Οur school becomes base station...

    Small crew members climbed the stairs of the school and measured their performance, the steps and the time required.

  • Our first step in space ...!

    Your small Galaxies salute!
    Before the launch of our rocket, small our astronauts followed specific dietary habits based on the principles of the pyramid that we learned.
    This collage was made by the children after we talked about the importance of proper nutrition and exercise in our daily lives.

  • Space Roll-n-Roll

    The Rainbow Team in new adventures.
    After trying all the exercise we start talking about the conditions in a spaceship and in other planets. We talk and we searched information on the web about the microgravity environment of the International Space Station. We watched video in YouTube and we tried to imitate astronauts being upside down and making body rolls. We performed a series of somersaults on the ground to improve our body coordination, flexibility, balance and strengthen our back, abdominal and leg muscles. It was fun, easy and we felt it like a game. We can wait to repeat it!