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Greece News

  • JUMP FOR THE MOON - ENERGY OF AN ASTRONAUT from 25th Primary School of Acharnae

    After having talked about the importance of astronaut’s physical endurance in order to complete their missions without getting tired as well as the fact that astronauts due to lack of gravity need to strengthen their bones and their heart through regular exercises and nutrition, “VELOS” headed for their next mission.
    First we talked about the different types of healthy food menus. Our students prepared Food Pyramids in groups and held a discussion about each of the food groups included in them.
    Following this activity our students continued their task by jumping a jumping rope while staying in place as well as moving across a smooth surface. They realized that numerous repetitions of exercises that strengthen their bones and their heart make their performance easier and less tiring.

  • Carnaval and Space, Space and Carnaval

    In 25th Primary School of Acharnae, our students really enjoyed the combination of MX activities with Carnaval handcrafts.

  • Crew strength training

    The first week of Olympus team was very succesful.130 students were trained in doing squats,abs and push ups in order to strengthen their body.During this effort there was a lot of positive energy and the students had a great mood!Our next mission is ahead of us!

  • F-light like us