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United Kingdom

To learn more about what UK Space Agency is doing with Mission X in the UK, check out http://www.esero.org.uk/missionx

To learn more about what ESA is doing to get students inspired about space, check out

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  • Henham & Ugley Update

    Henham & Ugley Primary & Nursery School

    Superb day today -50 children involved in building and launching rockets plus fantastic real life science. An unexpected opportunity to visit a travelling planetarium was also thoroughly enjoyed! The children (and adults!) learned so much throughout the project, but this was a really special opportunity to apply lots of that knowledge and understanding in a practical way supported by passionate scientists!

    Henham & Ugley Primary & Nursery School Henham & Ugley Primary & Nursery School Henham & Ugley Primary & Nursery School
  • ST.marys mission x

    Hi, im a 9 and my name is Holly girl my school is called ST.marys stansted I am learning about mission x and space.Learning about space is fun its good finding out about gravity and how they launch the rocket in to space and what they eat and how they move on mars.I like finding out about what all the diffrent planets are called and what shape and size they are and all the strange colours they are.I would like to travle to the moon because i would like to float when there is no gravitiy and to walk on the moon and see what the rocket looks like inside with all of my friends

  • Mission X St Mary's Primary School

    We are a small school in a village called Stansted, in Essex. In our class there are 26 students and two teachers.

    Today we have been looking at some of the old footage clips about the Apollo missions, which were very interesting. The children have just started drawing the planets in the solar system.

    Our class enjoyed all the Mission X activities that were held at the local High School, especially the 'Strong Bones' activity and looking at the ingredients that are in certain foods.

    Next week we will be holding a Mission X week, which the children are looking forward to.

  • St Mary's

    Hi we come from St Mary's. The school is in Stansted, Essex. It,s sunny at the moment but it can get very cold in winter. My class is called Hawthorn and it is for year fours and fives. Goodbye.

  • Mountfitchet Moon Walk

    Mission X Reach for the Stars

    Mission X students from Mountfitchet and Bentfield enjoyed glorious spring weather as they worked together to walk to the moon. Together, over 80 students took 1000s of steps towards our goal of getting Charlie to the moon. Check out to see if you are in this photo or others on the blog. Let us know what you've liked most about Mission X and what you've learnt from our astronaut training.