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  • Is there life out there...??? -The small astronauts of the 9th elementary school of Levadia

    The small astronauts of the 9th elementary school of Levadia gathered in the computer room and looked for information about our solar system. They were divided in teams and gathered ifo -such as which planet is closer to Earth and which is further away, what’s the distance between them, etc- and then proceeded to the creation of planets as they imagined them. They used colorful plasticines and in the end, each team made their own U.F.O.s (from paper plates) and gave answer to the question of life existence out there…


    During this mission our little astronauts did some climbing activities for empowering their upper body muscles, their balance and flexibility. Every member of the crew climbed as high as they could on the bar wall of the school gym. The goal was to touch the higher bar and then climb back down. Some students climbed as high as they could so as to jump back down.
    Finally, our students were trained in jumping. At first, they sat on the horizontal bar and then they were hanging from it until they jump down and stand still.The kids had real fun and many of them improved their self confidence..

  • Snoopies crew and other planets, different gravity

    Snoopies crew demonstrated gravity with a parachute cloth and balls of different size and weight. The crew tried to lift them up together and to throw them in the air as high as possible. This was quite exhaustig while the balls "grow" realy big. We figuered out that each ball had its own gravity. The heavier it was the harder it was to throw.
    For the next experiment we invited our special guest Wolgang Habison, the mayor of Gattendorf Franz Vihanek, our school principal Wolfgang Heitzinger, our class teacher Uschi Jurkovich and crew member Andrea. Under supervision of Sylvia Rappolt, the crew' s fitness trainer, and with the power of all crew members, we liftetd them up on skipping ropes and let them enjoy weightlessness while floating.
    For the next flight experiment we used a trampolin and some of our crew members to land on.

  • Arsakeio Primary School of Patras: Space Roll n' Roll

    Arsakeio Patras ANDROMEDA team Space Roll n Roll

    Hello to all teams happily orbiting around!
    This week, we had one more chance to get stunned, watching a video of Tim Peake performing spectacular rolls during his stay at the I.S.S. .
    Rock n' roll, Spring roll, Astronaut roll... discussion proved we were fond enough of rolls to try them ourselves. However, here on Earth, the force of gravity (that so much loves messing with our pencils in classroom) makes rolling quite a demanding task!

    But A-N.DR.O.M.E.D.A. team proved worth that D standing for "Daring" in our name. For, not only we did master the art of "Beginner", "Intermediate" and "Advanced" somersaults on the ground, but we also managed to accelerate the "Fitness Acceleration" part, including TWO hula-hoops for the ultimate challenge! Watch our "Roll-n-Roll-Over-Beethoven" video, where we get to co-star with Team Peake!

  • Arsakeio Primary School of Patras: Jump to the moon

    Arsakeio Patras ANDROMEDA team Jump to the Moon

    A great day here in Greece may be all about sun-but it can never trick training astronauts into forgetting their goal to reach for the moon!
    Team Andromeda jumped and jumped around, training with their ropes, increasing their bone strength and improving heart and other muscle endurance.

    We may not managed to actually jump to the moon, but we certainly kept jumping for it. Watch our short video and come join our launch! https://www.dropbox.com/s/jrufl9m2bxdxt17/Mission%20X%20Jump4theMoon%20A...

    After the activity, the team added a little bit of "mental stardust" to their physical training, creating Space stories for their Mission Journal.

  • The Pathfinders - Creativestudio

    Logbucheintrag: 43 Sternzeit: 27. März 2017
    φ 46.6664 λ 14.2274
    Mrs commander SPIRIT:
    Unsere Crew gestaltete unsere Raumfahrtzentrale mit neuen Bildern aus.

  • Forschungsarbeiten

    Zwei Physiotherapeutinnen haben heute mit uns trainiert! Zuerst wurden Bodenproben genommen oder Gesteinsbrocken gesammelt, danach alles vom Forschungsgelände zur Basisstation gebracht. Dann wurde Puls gemessen und die Werte in einem Protokoll festgehalten! Danke an Karin und Andrea!
    Einen versteckten Gegenstand wird es diese Woche auch noch zu finden geben - aber das kommt erst!

    See video
  • Le piante e la nostra alimentazione

    Finalmente abbiamo quasi completato il nostro cartellone che evidenzia quanto importanti siano le varie parti della pianta per la nostra salute!!! Radici, fusti , frutti, foglie..tutto contribuisce ad una sana alimentazione. La piramide alimentare vegetariana è un vero toccasana per il nostro organismo!

  • Awesonauts: Knochen-Test

    Was macht Knochen stark und kräftig? Um dieser Frage nachzugehen wurden zuerst Bilder von echten Knochen begutachtet und analysiert. Dann machten sich die Awesonauts ans Werk und tüftelten selbstständig an einer stabilen Knochenkonstruktion. Erst nur mit einer einfachen Knochenhülle, die beim zweiten Experiment verstärkt wurde. Beim dritten Durchlauf versuchte jedes Team, eine Füllung zu finden, die zusätzliche Belastungen aushalten würde. Um das Ganze zu testen wurden Bücher auf die Modelle gestapelt. Der beeindruckende "Gewinner" unserer Knochenkonstrukte konnte über 70 Bücher aushalten, bevor das Experiment aus Sicherheitsgründen abgebrochen wurde.

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