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  • Stay hydrated!

    The importance of hydration for humans it is critical. More important it is for the astronauts to stay hydrated when they are in space. We talked about the signs and causes of dehydration, and the ways we can keep our bodies well-hydrated at all times. We made the inner body of an astronaut and we study the benefit of water in keeping our body in peak performance by giving nutrients to our cells, muscles, joints, our brain, skin and kidneys.
    The pupils draw the organs and the placed them in the body. Then each pupil took track of the water that drink in a week in order to understand the fact that we must stay hydrated all the time.
    Finally we made a three scene storyboard with a commercial for engage more kids to drink more water! It is good for our body! Don’t forget to hydrate!

  • Hydration and water in our lives

    Hello from Pegasus Team in Athens !

    We talked about the importance of hydration for all people, both on the space station and on Earth. We discussed the signs and causes of dehydration, and the ways we can keep our bodies well-hydrated at all times. Water is indispensable and we realised that we often tend to forget to drink plenty of water, especially after physical activities. Water is life, so our advice to all MissonX astronauts is: 'Keep hydrated, it's simple, it's healthy, it's fun!'

  • Space Rock-N-Roll

    Arsakeio Patras Dhm on MissionX

    Friday, 12/02/16

    This week has been really exciting for our team! Our three-graders started... dancing towards the moon with their Gym Teacher rocking with enthusiasm! We accomplished the mission "Space Rock-N-Roll" with success and great fun and... guess what: soon, the whole school was asking to learn that "special exercise you need to know to become weightless". Somersaults or "κυβιστήσεις" (the kids really loved that beautiful, new word) made our day! Keep rolling... like comets! ;)

    Arsakeio Patras Dhm on MissionX Arsakeio Patras Dhm on MissionX Arsakeio Patras Dhm on MissionX
  • Energy of an Astronaut

    Hello from Rainbow team in Rodopoli Greece. We held a class discussion about food and its importance to the human body. We overview The Food Pyramid and we tried to understand why it has that particular shape. .
    Students talked about their favorite foods and they charted according to the pyramid.
    We did an experiment in order to fully understand the significance and structure of pyramid. We took pictures of these procedure and we made a stop motion animation about that experiment.

  • Crew Strength Training at Xatzivei School

    We are very happy to participate for the first time in Mission X. The students of Xatzivei Primary School are excited for this journey as members of the space crew, by taking part in various activities and experiments related to space. Our first activity is crew strength training and our students found it really difficult but intriguing. They managed to improve themselves through the lessons and learn how to perform the exercises with accuracy. They also realized the difficulties and the discipline that an astronaut must have, in order to be ready and efficient in space.