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United Kingdom

To learn more about what UK Space Agency is doing with Mission X in the UK, check out http://www.esero.org.uk/missionx

To learn more about what ESA is doing to get students inspired about space, check out

UK News

  • St George's Stars climb a Martian Mountain!

    It was really fun climbing high to reach the top of our martian mountain! We didn't find any martians though. We wish we could meet Beegu and her friends! We love training like astronauts and doing Mission X activities :)

  • Ramsden Rockets are go!

    For our first mission, we designed our own mission patches just like astronauts attach to their space suits. We received our mission passports and got cracking with our second mission – media challenge!

    Here’s what we found out.

    Jack and Liam – The UK Space agency has a competition for young people to contribute to the knowledge of satellites. You could win £50,000

    Faith and Elizabeth – We looked at the apple seeds from Newton’s apple trees. It reminded it us of the Rocket Science seeds we grew in school last year. If we could grow food in space we would be able to live on other planets.

    Ruby and Lewis – The programme for the next launch into space will cost at least 50 million pounds. this does not include the 20 billion pounds of investment in innovative and high potential businesses.

  • Belfairs Astronauts working on Robotic Arms

    Practising picking things up with chopsticks

    We undertook the build a robotic arm challenge. First we timed how long we could hold a book out steady in front of us. Then we tried picking up items with chopsticks and then we used a range of materials to make extended/robotic arms that we trialled.

    Making robotic arms to extend reach with our trainee astronauts
  • Spellbrooks 3rd week

    Spellbrook just completed their 3rd week of Mission X. Well done to Diamond class for getting a high score of 100 points on the activity speed of light. Looking forward to next week.

  • Introducing Belfairs Mission X team

    Our first Mission X session at Belfairs Woodland Centre in Essex