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United Kingdom

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  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Lift Off

    Today we went outside and did Mission Peak Lift off. We had to do the burpees using the 5 steps. We had to do a before and after statement as well as our prediction. Some of us got totally different answers. We had to do a press-up mid burpee and that was tricky. We were out of breath and our brains were confused trying to talk and do actions in the right order. We did it twice over and the 2nd time was harder as we were already tired from the first time.

  • Mission X Rules

    in action

    Today we took part in Planet You Go, Gravity You Find. We predicted that our arms and legs would tire and that the weight of the ball would be the cause of our arms tiring and the power of the squat would be pain in our legs. We completed the task in relay format and used different weighted objects. The technique was trickier than we thought as we kept letting the ball slips below shoulder height as we jumped. We still enjoyed it though and can feel our fitness improving.

  • St Vincent's students learn the importance of Hydration

    In this lesson students learned about the importance of Hydration, that the body depends on water for survival and how much water there is (or should be!) in our body weight. They looked at causes and symptoms of Dehydration and tips for staying hydrated. They used various liquids and a teabag to replicate various 'urine samples' and used these to make comparisons to Hydration/Dehydration levels on a chart.

  • St Vincent's Primary conducts 'Living Bones, Strong Bones' experiment

    Students thoroughly enjoyed participating in this activity. They began by making predictions about how many books 1, 2 and 3 pieces of card could support. It's fair to say they were surprised at how many could actually be supported. They practically emptied the class library! Information was shared and compared and then thoughts turned to the integrity of the data - how could they ensure tests were fair? The agreed solution was to ensure that the same books were used in each experiment and stacked in the same way.

  • St Mary's test their dexterity

    We had to put on 2 pairs of gloves and try to do a puzzle with them on. We picked the 60 piece puzzle. It was really tricky because it took longer to pick up the pieces because of the gloves. It took Theo 11 minutes and 55 seconds to complete it! We were only allowed to help him by telling him which pieces to do next. We were trying to see what it was like for astronauts on the ISS who have to make repairs with their thick gloves on. by Faith