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United Kingdom

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  • Walden Prep Goes For Lift Off

    In assembly this morning Frankie performed a peake lift off to help launch our astronaut training. Watch out for our astronaut training reports.

  • Gravity awareness

    During this session we investigated the effects that gravity could have on humans when they perform physical exercises. The children performed squats whilst holding different weighted objects to help discuss and discover how gravity may vary throughout our solar system. They had a feel for what gravity would be like on Jupiter by working in pairs and pushing down on each other's shoulders whilst trying to stand.

    "It was impossible to stand up," stated Olivia, Liam and Paige.

    "You wouldn't be able to get any work done," laughed Niamh.

    The children enjoyed this activity and went on the research the forces of gravity using the internet.

  • Class 8 Complete Jump To The Moon

    Class 8 thoroughly enjoyed completing all the challenges that Jump To The Moon required. Some pupils were used to skipping and moved on to the acceleration activities quickly whilst others found it a little more challenging, however, all the pupils tried their best and achieved the minimum requirements.
    For many class members, including the teachers, it was interesting to see how difficult it was, even for 'fit' pupils/staff to continuously skip on the spot. We will definitely be using skipping ropes more often in our warm-ups to improve our stamina further.

  • Class 8 Complete Crew Strength Training

    Class 8 started their astronaut training by challenging themselves with the Crew Strength Training activities. We completed these over two lessons so that we had the opportunity to improve on our results. The first session was really hard and lots of the pupils woke up with achy legs the following day!
    The second session went better though and showed how quickly muscles can be built if you exercise, stretch and rest properly.
    After completing all the specified repetitions some of the pupils wanted to see how long they could hold a squat for... Mrs Hazell had to ask them to stop after 3 minutes as she feared for their thigh muscles!
    Very impressive start to our astronaut training!

  • We have lift - STGSPACECADET'S training is underway.

    Our team got their training underway with the building an Astronaut Core activity. We watched the video and talked about the importance of being fit, especially if you want to be an astronaut. Next up was - fitness training which was great fun. Our next activity was Speed of Light, a great activity to test reaction times. We are going to try this activity again wearing thick gloves and compare our results.