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United Kingdom

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  • Crew Assembly

    We took part in the Crew Assembly Mission and it proved to be rather tricky! We noticed that it really made us communicate as we had to talk through our problems and work as a team to get it done. We felt the pressure of being timed and also understood the pressure that atronauts must be under. We also revisited our squat challenge and speed of light as well.


    Our intrepid Space Cadets are again having great fun participating in Mission X activities. Here they are traversing a Martian Mountain. Onwards, Upwards...and Sideways!

  • Warriors Space Cadets have reaction times quicker than the speed of light!

    After practicing this activity before Christmas, we have managed to improve our technique and reaction times. Now everybody can catch the ruler at the 2cm mark or below even after taking part in strenuous exercise first.

  • Abraham Moss Warriors have a go at Building a Robotic Arm

    We found Building a Robotic Arm a really fun activity. The Warriors Space Cadets came up with a whole variety of designs . We set them the challenge of which robotic arm could carry a piece of Lego and a table tennis ball for the longest period of time.

    It was a bit tricky at first as everyone was dropping the ball but after a bit of practice , we finally got the hang of it.

  • Abraham Moss Warriors have a go at Touchdown Charlie

    Touch Down Charlie has been our favourite mission so far ,combining training like an astronaut with football,all be it , American Football!

    It was really interesting to see the similarities between training as an astronaut and team sports.

    We are going to use Touch Down Charlie as a warm up before our football matches.