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United Kingdom

To learn more about what UK Space Agency is doing with Mission X in the UK, check out http://www.esero.org.uk/missionx

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UK News

  • St George’s Space Crew explore the energy of an astronaut

    To understand the energy needs of an astronaut, St George’s Space cadets learnt about food pyramids and which types of food are important for an astronaut. They planned many a variety of menus for the astronauts and compared the energy content of different types of tortillas.

  • St George’s Space Crew measure their reaction times

    Our pupils really enjoyed testing their reaction times and Investigated if using a stress ball improved their reaction times. They also learnt about how important it is for astronauts to have good reaction times.

  • Belfairs Mission X theme today was planets

    Mission X at Belfairs making planets

    The Belfairs Crew made paper mache planets today

    Our new solar system at Mission X Belfairs Mission X making new planets at Belfairs
  • Belfairs Team Jumping for the Moon

    Mission X activities for fitness and bone density

    The Belfairs Crew also did the Jump for the Moon activity today skipping to build fitness and bone density which is crucial for astronauts.

    Mission X trainees doing challenges for astronaut training Mission X trainees in action doing astronaut challenges
  • Belfairs Astronauts in Action

    Mission X astronaut activities balance and gravity

    This week we did the Mission Control challenge to explore gravity and balance and think about how difficult it is for astronauts in space. We all had a go outside the Centre which was lots of fun and scored 80 points!

    Mission X trainees mid challenge for Mission Control